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Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Does Steak Come From?

From cattle of course and I love steak but I never associate eating steak with John's cattle. He never butchers any of his cattle. He sells a lot at auction so I'm sure some do get butchered. This morning he went to the ranch while I went to Curves for exercise. He ask me what I wanted him to tell Shelly Marie. I said just tell her "HI" and he said you don't want me to tell her you ate her relative yesterday? Wow that was like a slap in the face. Just look at her little eyes staring at me. Yesterday we celebrated John's son's 50th birthday at The Little Red Barn Steak House in San Antonio. The steak sure tasted good until this morning when reality hit with John's words


jack69 said...

Oh ho! that weren't nice! But then for sure you know it is beef. But it is life's cycle as we know it. The beef wasn't any kin to Shellie, so tell him to quit spreading rumors. LOL

But now you brought up good memories of eating at the Little Red Barn (which ain't so little,LOL.) We enjoyed our steak there. I love the giant menu and the waitresses with the 45 pistols on their hip, I wasn't about to complain. Ha!

Good one Paula! Now quit crying!!

madcobug said...

I have to dissociate them from my mind when I eat meat.Pork or beef. helen

Toon said...

I love animals and I love a good steak (also burgers, bacon and chicken). I keep the two separate in my brain somehow.

Sheila said...

Nawww, that wasn't Shelly Marie's kin, that was some of them Florida cows...they're a mean bunch.
:) Take care, Sheila

Marty said...

Glad to hear you don't butcher your cows. I had assumed that was the case ... but nice to get the confirmation!

john wingo said...

Enjoyed your blog, Paula. Thanks for your kind comment on my picture a day blog. Hope you can visit again soon.
Best regards,

moni said...

I love beef but I don't raise cattle, lol. No matter, I couldn't be a vegetarian. I imagine that Shellie is a distant kin to your steak,!

~mel said...

I just love your blog and your cowgirl tales! Your cows and the photos remind me so much of the place we stayed in Gorman TX when we came down a few years back wild pig hunting. We were able to see the cowboys do a round up one day of the cattle .. getting ready for an auction. I never seen so many cows at one time before in my life ~ there were over 500 cows in just the one field. We're heading for Texas next week ~ I can't wait ~ maybe we'll be fortunate enough to see some fields full of cattle!

Lucy said...

We butchered on the farm but I never wanted to know which one it was. I did cry when they butchered our pet pig that was allowed to roam and never left our yard. I was pretty small and they tried to tell me it was not our pet but why did it disappear at the same time we had pork?? I may have been small but I was not stupid.

shirl72 said...

I'm glad you sent a message to Shelly Marie.
I know she missed you. I think I saw one of
your turtles doing a commercial on TV. He looked healthy and did a good job. Hope they
are eating what you give them and not being
so picky.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Oh dear.. I've seen a lot of PETA videos which have sickened me but I have a hard time not eating meat. I don't eat a lot but I do like it now and then.

Kay said...

Hi Paula,
Sorry to say I discontinued the "What Is It" blog. You were the only person who wanted to play. I was hoping more people would get involved. I even mentioned it to a few of my followers of my other blogs, but they replied that they didn't want to play.
If you are on Facebook, I am doing the "What Is It" over there on my page. Several people there play along. I am listed under "Kay Turner Waggoner" on Facebook.
I'm also doing it in the Blogs over at the site. I am known as "KaysWay" over there.
I'm glad that you were enjoying the "game".

Jimmy's Journal said...

I love animals and especially steak, but if my diet depended on me slaughtering my own animals, I think there'd be a barnyard full of 'em around Thanksgiving.

I guess it's a case of sticking my head in the sand.


Lori said...

I love my steak, but prefer it to be venison. lol

Gerry said...

I used to spend time mourning for the steers getting fattened up for market, the same for the pigs. I got mad at my dad for killing my pet lamb for the dinner table and refused to eat a bite. I did not want even the horses gelded and used to whine to my dad they would not have any little horses just like them. Finally when I was 21, to my dad's consternation I refused to eat meat anymore while living on his cattle ranch. People thought I was going to die. I was not able to hold out from eating meat more than a year or two, and when I tentatively ate a hamburger or something my dad warned my husband not to mention it to me, for fear I would go crazy again.