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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alaska Company Threatening To Go Home To Get Warm

They say its colder here then in Alaska. Well a different kind of cold. We're having the coldest winter we've had in several years. It dripping faucets and wearing long johns time. We gave up on trying to trap the wild hogs. Something is stealing all the corn, probably racoons. Since we stopped putting the corn out something is wondering what happened to the windfall. We've been feeding the cows extra. Christine had a beautiful bull calf and a no name cow had her's but we haven't found it yet. Christine's calf is solid white and John loves it. Now he wants to keep it for a bull for his herd. You only need so many bulls to an amount of cows so some of these pretty bulls are bound to go to market. The weather men are threatening snow tonight but even if it does in San Antonio that doesn't mean it will here. We are usually about three degrees warmer then San Antonio but that hasn't always held true lately. Just to show you how crazy we are in cold weather they just announced there will be no school here tomorrow and the snow may not even come being south Texas. For the first time ever I have put an electric heater in the garage for Susie to direct toward her bed and warm it up once in a while. Got to go put out some maize for the birds now. Everyone stay warm and we'll try to do the same.


Jean said...

Hi Paula I have been watching the weather off and on and thinking about you guys in San Antonio haven't heard from my children that live there.
We are having some cold cloudy weather here but know snow are rain, Yet! Take care and stay warm.

Missie said...

Stay warm! At least here in PA we've warmed up to 26 degrees. LOL

salemslot9 said...

it's 14 degrees, now
low 5 degrees, tonight
too darn cold
I worry about
our stray kitties...

salemslot9 said...

'feels like' -1F
Wind chills approaching -10F

Sheila said...

I don't know Paula, I think you may have sneaked (snuck?) behind the barn and did a little snow dancing...ha. I hope they get some for my niece and nephew. Take care and stay warm, Sheila

jack69 said...

Wow, I bet those guys in basic at Lackland are cold!!!!
Lot of calf dropping there huh. What do you name the calf of no-name? No-name jr?

Sounds like you all are having fun if nothing else but poking fun at the weather.

I do hope you all get a warming trend.
BTW Don't send that stuff across the Gulf!!!

Love from Florida!!!
PS Glad you had time to post!

Toon said...

And it's going to be just as bad next week. :(

madcobug said...

Bring spring on. I am tired of this cold weather. I know you are also. Helen

Gerry said...

First of all I appreciate that statement to the top of your blog although when I was young was his horse that came first in a young cowboy's heart!
Sorry about the cold, but it was cold here today, too. Course nobody cares since it is Phoenix. They all wish they were here. Hang in there, girl, and the blue bonnets will be peeking out their heads before you know it. By the way, where have you ben?

Martha (MM) said...

This has been such a crazy winter! Thankfully the cold you're getting now hasn't reached Florida this time - yet anyway. Stay warm! :-)

Jimmy's Journal said...

I've been watching that Texas weather and it really has been terrible! Stay warm!


Barbara said...

Glad to know you haven't frozen dear! Looks like a nice long warmer trend is at hand.