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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lucky & Why

No that isn't the name of two dogs or in my case cows. A woman I know was lucky to buy a house with lots of good "stuff" left in it. Why would a man sell his house and leave so many of his life long belongings in it. Everything imaginable from furniture to garage items. Golf clubs and ski equipment, cleaning supplies. After nosing through out buildings she took us out in the boonies where her son and daughter-in-law are fixing up an old house with a pretty view. This house was given to them if they could get it off the property in ten days. They could and they did. I wrote about the son and daughter-in-law and the old house they bought in san antonio several years ago and had it moved to Charlotte. She followed behind as they moved it and took pictures then she furnished it with antiques she found here and there. Her kitchen is all Coca Cola.


jack69 said...

I remember the move you talked about before.

I have no idea why someone would do that if they are alive. It happens here in ?Florida all the time. Folks die here and have no close kin. maybe a cousin in Indiana (or some where). The cousin tell the realestate agent or lawyer to sell everything and send them what is left after costs. So the house goes as is. We have looked at some when we were going to buy.

That way is sorta sad.

Raining hard here in cdentral Florida.

Love from here

jack69 said...

My typing is getting worse with this tooth problem.. (Gotta blame it on something!)

Dar said...

Your friend was indeed, lucky! and why is always a mystery, but one mans junk is anothers glory.
I would LOVE to come on such a deal, but then I am a junky from way back, meant as in, loving junk and treasures. Good to be back in your back yard.

Marty said...

Wow. I'm trying to imagine what a Coca Cola kitchen would look like. How did they do their bathroom: Dr. Pooper (I mean Pepper?).

Sheila said...

It is hard to understand why someone would just leave it all behind. She might come across something even more valuable than the house. Have a great day, Sheila

Jimmy's Journal said...

I have no idea why people do some things but as a charter member of the packrats of America, there is nothing I enjoy more than rummaging through other people's junk.


shirl72 said...

People pass with no relatives and this is what
happens. No one wants their stuff so it is
left with the house. It is hard to understand
things like this it boggles the mind. So sad when one out lives everyone and no one to care.