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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back To The Ranch

Our company is all gone and its back to the ranch. John's brothers-in-law kind of took over my job of tagging along to feed and check the cows. To tell the truth it has been soooo cold for south Texas I was kind of glad to have an excuse not to go. They enjoyed playing rancher and I'm sure they will have some tails to tell when they get back to Alaska. They didn't get to soak up as much sun as they had hoped. The last of the company left today when it was a beautiful day. John and I headed out. We found three new babies (they always seem to have them when it is the coldest.). I stopped at the tank but the turtles wouldn't come up. I guess they have decided they better hibernate like good turtles do. The company was surprised when John told them how they come out of the water when I call and eat cat food or bread. Wish they could have seen them but its just been too cold. Everyone always asks if they are snapping turtles. I've never seen a snapping turtle so don't know if there are any in this part of the country or not. The trapping of wild hogs for them didn't work out either but they enjoyed seeing the roadrunners running here and there. One day we took one of the couples to Choke Canyon and we saw deer, turkey , and amadillos. They took pictures of the armadillios as they had never seen them in the wild. It was fun but will be nice to get back to our usual routine.


jack69 said...

It is sure nice to see the alert for Country tales.
I know you all enjoyed the company, but it is nice to get back to your own routines.

I wonder sometimes if my parents were like that when my uncles, aunts and cousins left, after a visit. WE kids always hated to see the cousins go.

I know you guys entertained them well, but isn't it something that the cold hit when they came. Like When Mel & Slim left Wisconsin it got more snowy as they got south. And hit Texas and it was COLD. Life is like that though. YOu cannot count on GOOD weather.

Love from Florida.

Dar said...

Glad your Snowbirds had a good time, in spite of the cold TX weather. The turtles know when to burrow into the mud for their warmth. They do have snapping turtles up by Gorman, TX. I imagine you might also have them. Don't ever let one bite you, they have a death grip and cannot let go once they catchya. Thought you aughta know.

shirl72 said...

Talked with my friends in Dallas Tx. and they
said it was cold and snow on the ground.
We have had cold & snow but will be 60 tomorrow, but then cold again.

I think that is wonderful that you said on
Jack's blog you had a ration book. That is
great better find it you may have a need. HEHE
I have some gas stamps somewhere but I forget where I put them. Gas going up I better find them.



Toon said...

When you see a snapping turtle -- you'll remember it!

Sheila said...

Seems like I remember hearing if a snapping turtle bit you it wouldn't let go until there was thunder...We are warming up this week, 50's for highs, 30's for lows. Maybe even a low 60 a day or two. Have a great week, Sheila

Lucy said...

We have a beautiful day here we saw 2 robins in the yard and it is nearly 70. To earl;y but we will enjoy it we will enjoy it while we can. My computer has been down since Neil had his surgery. Back up today and I thank you for your prayers.

moni said...

It has been a horrible winter here with record low temps. Those awful snapping turtles are just about everywhere and they can get very large, we had them when we lived in Missouri and some guy who lives near the river (Mississippi), raises them. Ugh!

Marty said...

That's so amazing that the Turtles come when you call. I know some children who don't do that!