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This Way To My Blog

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The turtles were happy campers today. They had a good choice of flour tortillias, cat food, or wheat bread. We hadn't planned to go out because we knew we were having company from Lubbock, Texas. Didn't know they were bringing their little old dog, Heidi. They expressed an interest of seeing the turtles come out of the water to eat so we were glad to oblidge not knowing how the turtles would react to a dog and to stranger's voices. They did okay with the strange voices but were hesitant to meet the little doggie too close. However one (no name) cow met us on the tank dam and Heidi and the cow touched noses and made friends. On the way home we stopped for barbeque but had to eat outside on the picnic tables to accomodate Heidi. I was glad Heidi didn't plan on spending the night after chewing the window sill of the house they visited last night. As for Susie (our cat) she was just happy when they all left. She dosn't touch noses with anyone or anything.


Happy Being Me said...

I love to see animals that you wouldn't think of being friends becoming one. Cute reads. Have a happy tomorrow.

Sherry said...

YOu are the animal Queen Down there in Texas. Rounding up turtles and cows for friends to see. You don't touch noses with the cows I am sure. I know you don't with turtles, one never knows when they might encounter the snapping kind. hahahahaha
Sending Love from up in Michigan

Jean said...

Looks like you had a fun day and nice weather to eat outside.I bet the barbecue was good.

Toon said...

It's nice when everybody gets along and happy days just happen.

Cindi said...

I consider us "friends", but I aint touching noses!

john wingo said...

If they are true south Texas turtles, I bet they went for the tortillas first! Cute story Paula...does this prove that cows are friendlier than cats?