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This Way To My Blog

Monday, March 7, 2011

Christmas At The Gate

Yes it is a little late but I just got the picture today and I couldn't resist. Either someone is big into decorating for Christmas or has a sense of humor. There isn't a house on this place across from where John's cows live. Someone does have their cattle there so maybe they put the white Christmas tree and red bows on the gate for the cows to enjoy.


Wendy said...

It's never too late for Christmas! I am sure the cows enjoyed eating the bows ;o)

jack69 said...

You have to enjoy someone with such an idea. I think it is great. Causes many questions and a lot of guessing. Keeps folks on their toes, look at their calendar to make sure it isn't November. hahahahaah

Toon said...

I'd panic if I saw that -- I'd wonder if we were going backwards on the calendar!

john wingo said...

How would Santa find the cattle if there were no decorations? That's funny Paula and if it gave you a chuckle and other folks too, I guess it was a good thing to do.

Dar said...

Very thoughtful gift for the cattle. You sure won't miss that tree once it greens up., huh?
Christmas is year round!

Happy Being Me said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Maybe I'll do that with a bunch of sand and beach chairs and pretend it's summer year round. Enjoyed this read. Hoping your tomorrow treat you well.

Kattytrick said...

Paula! I've got it figured out!!!Okay here goes...Okay, it's a well known fact that someone/some animal, when confused, is easier to control...Hence, the Christmas Tree! Keep em confused and eventually you can eleminate the fence all tgether!!!...Yes!?...No?...I took a shot at it anyway___=^..^=___Kittie

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salemslot9 said...

moo-eee cow-mess