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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Calf Got Even

I feel like the cat got my tongue since I haven't posted in several days. Actually on Monday when they worked cattle John was in the trailer with the large calves he was taking to market. One of the calves got revenge and kicked him three times before he could get out of it's way so we haven't been going to the ranch. It didn't break anything but one knee is bruised and one is swollen so he is limping around and popping pain pills. Of course it didn't stop him from playing dominoes with his cronnies today. I didn't think you would be interested in hearing that I dusted the furniture and made up the beds today so I just wanted to put a new header picture of the place John bought in Campbellton, Texas a few years ago. It was pure south Texas and would have made a wonderful week-end place. It had ticks on it and he had a chance to turn it at a profit so someone else is enjoying it or getting ticks on their legs. Heck I told him we could wear flea collars around our ankles but he wouldn't go for that.


garnett109 said...


Dar said...

Mercy! I sure hope John heals fast...I'm sure the calves, Shelly Marie and turtles are missing you by now. You should get quite the reception when you get back to the ranch. Be careful, John.
I love your header house...I need a refresher on how to change my background and do a header...I feel a call to Mel, coming on. I never have claimed to be savvy at this stuff.

Lori said...

I've heard of people wearing flea collars around their ankles! I hope the cow didn't hurt John too badly.

john wingo said...

Oh, wow, sorry to hear about that...glad John was able to get away from the cslf before he got hurt any worse. I think your header photo is great...and you're so right, it's a real slice of true South Texas. I don't know about now, but a few years back, at Ft. Hood, a flea collar around each ankle was almost considered part of the uniform for the guys going to the field. Hope John heals up soon!

jack69 said...

ho ho! revenge of the calf. Sorry John took a kicking hope ther is nothing permanent. Been missing you and I do like the old house. One of my 'things', I just love the look of it.

Well buddyroe, I wanted to hear about the dusting and making the beds, that don't go on too much anymore. Sort of a lost art.

The question today is why? As a matter of fact once in my youth a platoon sgt. ordered me out of ranks. You didn't make your rack marine, he said. So fall out and fix it.

I told him I would just mess it up again that night, he said, that is why you ain't going to chow with us, cause you will just get hungry again, and they marched off to the chow hall.

So now I know why beds are supposed to be made, so you can go eat. hahaha.

Sorry to take up so much paper. Missed you!

Sheila said...

Poor John, hope he is feeling better soon. Shelley Marie and the turtles are probably wondering where you got off to. I'm careful when I dust ever since I got the little green men in my TV. Have a great Friday, Sheila

Wendy said...

Love the new header, very nice! Hope John gets better soon, not much fun being kicked!

Marty said...

Yikes ... good thing the calf didn't do more serious damage!

salemslot9 said...

I like your
green Irish kitty!

shirl72 said...

Calf was just getting even. Maybe I will try
to do a little cleaning. I don't dust for
security reasons. If someone breaks in
you can see what they have removed.


Lucy said...

Love the header and glad the calf didn't hurt John any worse than it did.

Happy Being Me said...

I would of loved to of seen what the two of you could of done with that place. Sorry to hear about Cliffs knee. Someones always gotta have the last word huh. As for the flee/tick collars around the ankles hmmmmmm, not a good look for summer, but they do have the stuff you can run along the back of the neck that seems to work wonders lol. Take care of you and yours, Enjoy your day!

Martha (MM) said...

Love the new header Paula and sure hope John is feeling better soon!