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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hay Fever & Pretty In Purple

Years ago everyone had hay fever but now days its allergies. I was thinking if anyone is a candidate for hay fever it is me. I am the official string roller upper from the bales of hay and it is dry and dusty out here now. Sooo I did a little research on the subject of hay fever. There is such a thing but most people who get it haven't been near a bale of hay. So much for that idea. Came out of the doctor's office with a prescription for allergy medicne, cough medicine, nose spray, and antibiotics after an almost two hour wait. Another wait at Wal*Mart pharmacy where everyone is not dressed tacky. I commented to the lady sitting next to me how nice she looked in her purple. She is 84 and had her trusty cane but thin and body erect. She was trying to get enough of her prescriptions to go to France for her birthday and Mother's Day which she and her daughters do each year. We had enough time for her to tell me her life story. She was born in France but has her own ranch on a hill here in our county. She still drives and lives alone with a helper to come in. Her Dad had an important position so she has traveled and lived in many countries but she chooses to live here in hot dry south Texas.


madcobug said...

What a nice lady you met. That is the reason that I hate going to a doc. The long sitting and waiting. I am suffering form allergies right now and feel very bad. I did trudge off with Ken to get some groceries. Ate a sandwich for lunch and I am headed to lay down for a nap. I hope your allergies get better soon.

Indigo said...

Meeting people like that makes it seem like a small world after all. (Hugs)Indigo

garnett109 said...

I'm allergic to life Paula

Dar said...

Spring is so full of pollen here from the trees budding out, and never having allergies before, for some reason, Now, they bother me.
I apologize Paula, it has been so long that I have been here, one of my favorite places. Glad the turtles are doing good, in spite of the drought. Don't let them take a finger for bread. Ouch. I see you are having swallow problems too. So far, they have let the house alone but love the old barn. They can have that. I can't believe they ate your rubber snake, the nerve. Hope the owl works. Have you tried shooting them with the water hose full of water? Of course, water is such a precious commodity right now., hardly worth wasting it on pesky birds. Try shoots 30 ft. can't hurt to give it a 'shot.' Good luck with that.
Thanks for stopping by. I promise to be better at getting here. Besides, I LOVE TX and their folks. Ya'll are so darned friendly and fun.

Kath said...

We call it hay fever over here Paula too.What an interesting Lady you met and a very intertesting life I bet she has had also.I love a good chat.Breaks the waiting time anyway.Hope the meds work and you feel better for them.Alergies are skin rashes here.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Wendy said...

Hope the meds work and you feel better soon. Our allergies kick in when the wind blows. Sure wish it would rain and knock down some of the pollen and dust in the air! You are so sweet to sit and talk with the lady in Purple. She is probably very lonely and enjoyed some adult conversation.

john wingo said...

Mercy, with all that medicine, you should feel better. I hope so, it's miserable to have allergies or hay fever or whatever you choose to call it. Sounds like a nice conversation with a very interesting lady. I'm not surprised she chose South Texas, it kinda gets under your skin and into your blood...dust, heat and all.