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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Lowly Daisy

The lowly daisy is a delicate flower, even though above others it does not tower.

Daisies can tell if he loves me or not, if I don't like the results I just pick a lot.

Many petals with their stiff white design, nested in a bouquet they look so fine.

Lowly little daisy a sign of summer fun, as the children in the meadow frolic and run.

A hiding place for rabbits to rest just a bit, fluffy little cottontails alert as they sit.

The round yellow center sets it off just right, a whole field of daisies, a beautiful sight.

The lowly little daisy seems not important at all, as much a part of nature as birds givng their call.

As the sun sets in the west matching their center, remember there are no flowers in the dead of winter.

Smile at the thought and step lightly as you go, so the lowly little daisy next year can grow.

Pauline Lieck


DD said...

Very nice, Paula, and well written. I have tried to write poems just for fun, but I am not the wordsmith that you are. :)

john wingo said...

You do have a way with words Paula...I always enjoy it when you post one of your poems.

Toon said...

Very nice. Are you going to write a poem about rattlesnakes? ;)

Kattytrick said...

I like it Paula. I like it a lot. Very nice job, and well done!___=^..^=___Kittie

Missy said...

Very cute daisy poem :-)


Lucy said...

Really cute poem. I love daisies.

Kath said...

My lawn is full of them right now Paula.They are such a pretty little flower.What a fantastic Poem your write.CLAP CLAP I love it.Have a great day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

Dar said...

Very sweet tribute to our dainty daisy of the field. Mine are so plentiful in the lawn, that I mark them so Bill or I do not mow them until they are well spent.
Hope you are feeling better.

madcobug said...

You did great on that poem. I liked it. Helen

Jimmy's Journal said...

Wonderful poem and true at that. I've always like Daisies.


salemslot9 said...

daisies are my favorite

my mother's favorite, too

well done, Paula

Marty said...

Bravo. Now let's hear one about the turtles!

moni said...

Nice little poem Miss Daisy....I mean..miss Paula!