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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pitiful Cowgirl

I haven't been to the ranch for several days as I just didn't feel like getting up early and out the door. If I don't want to go to the ranch you know I don't feel like myself. This afternoon I ask John to go for a ride (you know country road) so he grabbed a couple of sacks of feed and away we went. It ya ride ya gotta feed . Was I surprised the inch and half of rain we got did some good. The grass was surprisingly green. Now if we could only get another inch or so to keep it going. The cows weren't up bellowing they were all out grazing spread around the ranch. John pointed out to me that Noel is going to have to go as he is pulling the strength out of Shelly Marie. I'm not especially close to Noel but he and his mom have such a bond it makes me sad to see him go. I can't press my luck on this one as I've saved Shellie Marie from the auction barn several times. He has warned me many times DON'T GET ATTACHED, this is a business. At least he lets me feed the turtles that farmers and ranchers don't like and they were fat and sassy today. Not sure about the fat, hard to tell with their shell on. When we left the ranch we took a long way home (country roads). Thank goodness for air conditioning it is hot and sultry since our rain several days ago. We found the place that buys wild hogs and we discussed how handy that would have been in the days when we were trapping. We had to haul ours to near Devine, Texas. We saw a grass farm where they irrigate and it was pretty and green. Lots of big new ranch homes. Pretty but too big for me and some of the roads are too dusty with that white dust everytime a car goes by. Some of them go all out decorating thier fences and gates with horseshoes, texas stars. Fun to look at but nice to go home to eat tamales for supper.


john wingo said...

Glad the grass is doing better. LOL to the fat turtles, that's funny. Glad y'all got out and about for a ride (country roads), I know what you mean about the going all out. I think some folks spend more money on their gates and fancy fences than they do on their houses. Every time I see one like that, I folks come to the country!

salemslot9 said...

hope you're feelin'
sassy, again
Ms. Turtle Whisperer!

Kattytrick said...

Glad to hear you weren't tempted by that grass that was greener Paula! I've herd so much about your little place, that I'd miss it too!___=^..^=___Kittie

Lucy said...

Love your flowers, and hope you are feeling better. Still feeding the turtles. I wonder if Lucy is still in there. We used to ride the country roads. I felt right at home in the country so I guess all the country has not left yest.

Missy said...

What I like most about you Ms. Paula is that you appreciate so much of the small things in life and you really enjoy nature. You also love your Shelly Marie. I wish John would just keep that one for you!

I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Jean said...

I hope you feel better soon and glad you got out riding the country roads I enjoy doing that but since gas is so high we don't ride them much any more. Take care.

DD said...

Another good post Paula. You always send me Googling, this time the wild hogs. Take care and I do hope you are feeling much better.

Toon said...

I used to get attached to calves too -- my dad kept warning me not to name them.

Dar said...

I understand about the country. Gotta love it. It is so relaxing and easy-paced that even when we are very busy with country chores, we still have time to breathe. Hope you are feeling better.