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Friday, May 27, 2011

Shellie Marie's Granddaughter

We went to Poth, Texas early this morning to buy feed. The plan was to go to the ranch late this afternoon to put some of it out for the cows. John being wishy washy told me he believes we will just wait until in the morning so that makes my entry wishy washy too. I thought for sure the renters would be doing something or I would see a flock of thirsty turkeys or a thristy rabbit. Everything is thristy out here so I'm thankful the well is working good so far. I hate to complain about the dry hot weather with the devastation other states are experiencing and my prayers go out to them. This picture is one of Shellie Marie's granddaughters. We can look at a cow from afar and tell it is a relative of Shellie's. They always have those high horns straight up and circles around their eyes even though Shellie does not look like that. Her horns fall forward in a half circle and she does not have the circles around her eyes. If I had known John was going to keep this cow this long I would have given her a worthwhile name.


Missy said...

Nice to meet Shelly Marie's granddaughter :-)


DD said...

She is a beauty! Looks like an "Anne Marie" to me..haaa. I am wondering what kind of cow...Texas Long Horn?

Anonymous said...

She puts me in mind of those watusi cattle you see in the pictures from Africa, it's the way her horns set, I guess...John Wingo