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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turkeys came in handy

This morning when we were finished feeding the cows and the turtles John ask me if I wanted to go to the back forty to see if we could see the flock of turkey with their young. Do kids like ice cream? I love to ride the back of places thats where the action is---sometime. There had been some action there and a good thing we found it. We drove the complete length of the back forty and a bout half way across the back eagle eye (thats me) said what happened there? The fence is down. John stopped and we both hopped out. He said a bull fight. Humm I've never seen that much damage done by two bulls fighting. On close inspection John could tell by the way the fence was down someone had driven a truck through the fence from his side into the neighbor's pasture. We went up to the highway to see if they had come in from there like they do when the Border Patrol is chasing illegals. No fences down there so who ever it was had to come down the lane and right past the house. Good thing we found it because some of the cattle were grazing and they could have wandered out to the neighbor's property and it could have been a chore to get them back were they belonged. We had to come back to town for John to get the older truck with the fence building supplies. John just called he has repaired the fence. I had to stay home to meet an appointment for him. Good thing we went looking for the turkeys we didn't find.


Anonymous said...

I've never gone looking for turkeys, but I am happy sometimes to find nothing.

DD said...

Mmmmm, must have been desperados driving through the fence. Lucky you were there with your eagle eye!

Anonymous said...

Guess you should reward those turkies...wish the government would wake up and do something about this immigration problem...John Wingo

Missy said...

Very interesting you live that close to where illegals are being chased down by border control. I bet is may even be kind of dangerous because you never know what could happen.