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Saturday, May 28, 2011

We Found The Trail

We just had to go back out this afternoon to see if we could figure out all this activity in the back forty and yes we found the trail. We drove all around the far side and after we passed where John had repaired the fence we saw BIG truck tire tracks in the direction we don't usually go because of the wild hog rooting holes. It was hot but I hopped out to follow John in the direction of the tracks. When we walked up to the Banker's deer proof fence there was a big hole in it. Looked as if the truck had driven right through the fence and across the back forty and out John's fence. Where they went from there and how they got out or if they got caught by whom ever was chasing them is anyone's guess. We're thinking it happened the day we had seen the lawmen's cars going up and down the senderos. The Banker had the fence up enough that cattle probably won't get through from that side. John put in a call to him but being a holiday week-end he hasn't called back. The cuprits had the nerve to throw their bright red coke can out as they were sailing past. Guess they weren't drunk. These coyotes who transport illegals must give them some rough rides when they cut across property unknown to them and across hog rooting holes, dry creek beds and just plain rough roads.


Anonymous said...

Hmm ... have tried to post a comment on this already and it didn't go through. Maybe I need to be one of these wild Coyote drivers to get anywhere with blogger today.

DD said...

Wild Coyotes...that is putting it mildly. I hope they got caught.

Anonymous said...

Will have to pst anonymous cause blogger is screwing up again. That is terrible that creeps do things like that. We had a lot of rain this morning. This is Lucy

Anonymous said...

still can't sign in and comment either...blogger is playing some bad tricks on us...sorry to hear about your coyote problems, guess desperate people do desperate things...John Wingo

madcobug said...

Bet that truck got all scratched up. Glad that you found the hole and the cattle are back in. Helen

Missy said...

I bet that is why all those police where there that day.