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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Did You Eat Your Donut Today?

I did! We stopped at the hospital cafeteria to eat breakfast on the way to the ranch this morning. It was still decorated all in red, white, and blue for Memorial Day. Sam the check out girl said be sure to get your free donut. What is the occasion? Its National Donut Day she said. Good thing we stopped or I would never have known that little tid-bit of information. Donut was good too.
We've been looking for Ginger's calf for several days and can't find it, still didn't this morning. we found Ginger but no calf. We went to John's daughter's to put out feed and it was all quiet there. Everyone still sleeping. Everyone still sleeping at the farm house and wouldn't even come to the door to pay their rent. I always thought country people were early risers. We live in town and we'er up and out early. We saw some of the wild turkeys going to water and then later saw them leaving the water. The roadrunners were running where ever it is they run to and we saw several cottontail rabbits. Maybe they are getting replentished. John thinks the wild hogs have eaten them. We still haven't seen a jackrabbit in a long time. Its going to be a hot day here in south Texas so we'll probably hug the A/C the rest of the day.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

A/C hugging will be going on up here in the high country today...another day in the 90's...our average temp for this time of the year is 72....what's going on with Mother Nature...??!!


Toon said...

It's finally warm here too. Hooray for AC!!

Sheila Y said...

The A/C is feeling good here too. Hope you come across Ginger's calf. Thanks for the anniversary wishes...take care, Sheila

madcobug said...

I hope you soon find Ginger's calf. Those mama's do hide them well. I hope it is ok. Wish I could see a roadrunner. Glad that some rabbit's are coming back.
Good for you two getting a free doughnut.

Anonymous said...

no (free) donut here...

I had a
peanut butter cup


salemslot9 journal

Anonymous said...

I'll have to mark that on my calendar, Paula. I didn't know we had a donut day but it sounds like a grand idea to me! How did we ever live without AC? I guess if you don't have it, you don't know to miss it. By the way, thanks for all your kind comments over at my blog and yes, Bob Hall pier is still there. It's on Mustang Island, just out of Port Aransas...John Wingo

Lucy said...

Wild hogs to???!!! I am country people and even though citified if you check the time I write my blog around 5:30 AM. Joe thinks I am nuts but if I wake up I am up for the day.

DD said...

Paula, I think, at long last, I found the solution to my not being able to comment. I serched the HELP section, found others with the same problem. I followed their instructions and Viola, problem solved! Yuuuhooooo!!!!!!!!
Hope you found your baby calf. I did not get my donut, someone ate mine!

Leontien said...

I didn't know there was such a thing a donut day!!!