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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pepper II ?

We know Ginger had a healthy calf but what happened to it is anyone's guess. Pepper is gone ,vanished into thin air. We first noticed Ginger didn't come up for a few days. We couldn't find her then she came up without her calf. We've searched high and low. We have speculated, we have looked with no luck. A coyote or wild hog could have found it alone but we're thinking it may have been bit by a rattlesnake and Ginger stayed by it's side the few days we didn't find her. Then when it died she gave up and came to the pens. We remembered seeing a wild hog trap in the woods that probably the owner's son had put there. Pepper could have got in it and didn't know how to get out or the door shut. John is always careful to tell people to put a piece of barbed wire half way up on the opening so deer or calves doesn't go in but the mean old hogs can go in and get trapped. Their old hide is so tough the barbed wire wouldn't bother them. Sooo late this afternoon we went out when it wasn't so hot to try to find the trap and see if there were any calf bones in it. We went into the mesquite and cactus but we never did find the trap. They may have taken it away or probably we just couldn't find it in the thick brush as it was old and rusty and would blend in. The cattle doesn't go into this area often so it was only a slim possiblity that we would find anything. We have given it up as a lost cause and when we got back to the house but who was following Ginger around? The big black bull, so maybe there will be a Pepper II this winter.


Anonymous said...


I wish Pepper
was just playing
hide and seek...

salemslot9 journal

Toon said...

Sad. Could it have been rustlers?

Lucy said...

I wish you could have found Pepper. I kept thinking she would have found her way to the mother by now. Maybe their will be another Pepper from the sounds of things.

DD said...

Oh, I am so sorry. It is more sad not knowing what happened.

Dar said...

Maybe Pepper got out of the downed fence when the illegals were passing through. Could be he's playing at the neighbors. Maybe one of these days, he'll still come by for a visit. Til then, it sounds like Ginger is happy. Sorry about all the cactus thorns in John's knee...ouch. Them lil' buggers do bite, don't they!

Anonymous said...

I think Pepper might be playing mind games with you!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, these country tales. Most sweet and great ideas with praise, but sometime life just does not give a 'great' tale. Sorry for the loss, but like always, paulinescountrytales does not dissapoint. We always love the entries.
Jack & Sherry shipslog

Lucy said...

I love your cat pictures. Of course in our house it is " a home is not a home without a dog."

Anonymous said...

Sad! It's always hard to lose one. I agree that not knowing is worse than the other alternatives. John Wingo

Martha (MM) said...

Poor Pepper - maybe she'll still turn up ::fingers crossed::

Anonymous said...

This is so funny everybody posting anonymous.
I don't know what happened but I guess it hit
a lot of people me to. That is the only way we
can comment.

It must be hard dealing with missing cows and their young. You weather the storm well. My first thought they were stolen. Although I am in the City I have a big yard you can send the Mothers and their young to me and I will take care of them. On the Street where Jack lives someone has a pony it is so cute. I just have rabbits that eat my Hostas plants.

I check on Jack and Sherry everyday. The house is beautiful. They have worked so hard.

Take care
Shirl72 anonymous HA