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Monday, June 6, 2011

Out By The Tank

We parked by the tank late this afternoon and waited. We didn't have to wait long until a small herd of deer came into the field. They sensed there was a big white monster across the tank but it was still and quiet and they were thirsty. They pranced around until it was almost dark then they came to the water to drink. We stayed put until they had their fill so as not to scare them. We've been going out the last three afternoons to see what we could see. Day before yesterday we drove toward Tilden, Texas and saw a small flock of wild turkeys clipping along beside a fence. They were fairly tame so they must come to that area every afternoon. Probably to drink near the farm house that is there. We passed them as they were intent on wherever they were going to roost. We saw one deer that day and it wasn't too afraid either. It crossed in front of us and when we got to it, it decided to turn and go back in the direction it came from. Yesterday we went to the cemetary at Charlotte, Texas, John's hometown. John pointed out the tombstone of one of his teachers, one of the man who taught him to play checkers when he was a kid, the sheriff who was shot and killed, and others. It was still so hot I had to sit on a tombstone to rest. I don't think they would mind. I made sure it was sturdy enough to hold me. Today we fed the turtles first then went to the back forty just to see what we could see. No wild life but we saw three beautiful longhorns on the next property and they were begging and tame. They had some beautiful horns but I didn't have my camera with me.


jack69 said...

Great entry. We always love to read about life on the Ranch. It is a thrill to see one deer, but to see many is great. hope it cools some, but reading about Texas probably not much chance. haha

Love ya!
Jack & Sherry

Toon said...

Sounds like you've got a nice Summer routine going.

DD said...

Good morning Paula. I see lots of green and water in that picture. Looks like a haven for Texas wild life.
The cats in your side bar do a good job prettying up things!

Lucy said...

Just so great to read about things on the Ranch. Isn't it great that most of us can find joy in things k]like that.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Our does are starting to come in the yard looking for apples and corn....the new fawns can't be far behind....

Missy said...

You and John always have something to do, that's for sure... oh and I'm sure they didn't mind you took a rest on their tombstone. I know I wouldn't lol. Ms. Paula, you can sit on my tombstone anytime lol


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day...I love it when I can just go see what there is to see. I think it would please me if I thought someone was resting on my tombstone. John Wingo

Anonymous said...

we were watching
Eric Clapton on PBS
singing "I Shot The Sheriff"
at the same time I read
"John pointed out the tombstone of one of his teachers, one of the man who taught him to play checkers when he was a kid, the sheriff who was shot and killed, and others."

no kidding!

salemslot9 journal