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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It Was A Blue Indigo Morning

We rarly see a Blue Indigo snake but we had the pleasure of seeing the same one twice this morning. They are so pretty but if it crawled across my foot I would be doing a dance for sure. I had never seen one until several years ago when we were living at the ranch. We were walking toward the cattle pens and saw one swallowing a rattlesnake head first. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so intent on it's meal it didn't even slither off. The one this morning did slither off but when we came back down the lane it was out again. Actually it was very close to where John killed the rattlesnake recently. We spotted a new calf and it was as black as the ace of spades just like Pepper. I guess it is a case of God gives and God takes away except in reverse. We saw several quail running here and there, I love those birds. I had my camera this morning but the two longhorns we saw didn't have any horns, nope these two had been de-horned but we could tell by their color they were longhorns. They kind of have skinny butts too. There is starting to be activity across the road. We've been seeing a sound o graf crew (not sure what they are called) but they are checking under the ground by sound. Maybe the owners will get to lease for oil. DD the pictures I used are old. My digital camera doesn't work. We are hot and dry here. Had a promise of showers yesterday but they didn't materialize.


madcobug said...

We don't have those kind of snakes around here to my knowledge. King snakes will kill rattlers like that, sometimes they squeeze them to death. Bet those deer were pretty. Hot and dry here also. Helen

DD said...

Oh, I just thought the water was making an oasis type place. I do hope you get some water soon.
I have never heard of a Blue Indigo I don't think. But that is nothing, I never hear of a lot of things..ha.

Dar said...

I have to goggle this one. Have not heard of the Blue Indigo either. Sounds pretty but doesn't sound too friendly, to Rattlers, at least~
Enjoy the deer. Now, while having their fawns, they stay close to where they lay them down for the day. But wait til fall, they will be on the run again with bucks chasing does, and avoiding the hunters. We love taking rides to the back 40's to see the wildlife. And capturing them on our trail cameras. Always love your entries and that you stop by and are always so sweet.
BlessYourHearts, Paula and John

Anonymous said...

Paula I don't like snakes what ever color
purple, pink or red they scare me. I killed
two baby snakes. My friend said their mother was looking for me. Now I have got to watch for their Mother. If one crawl across my foot I believe I do more than dancing. I be the blue
was pretty.

Missy said...

I hope you get the rain that you need! And I love your sidebar kitties!!


Anonymous said...

PS: Anonymous is Shirl72, it will only let me
post here. Lucy said everybody was having
trouble posting.


Anonymous said...

PS. Anonymous is Shirl72. Having problem
posting. Shirl

jack69 said...

Hey my lady, Long horns and skinny butts! what a combination!!!!!

Love from North Carolina!!

Toon said...

Never heard of Blue Indigo. It's a nice name.

Lucy said...

Blue Indigo is a pretty name but I never want to see a SNAKE. I hate them. Paula you remind me of the stories of living in the wild west years ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm anonymous as well. Love the kitties!


Anonymous said...

I just don't care much for snakes but if a snake could be called pretty, the Blue Indigo would be the one. LOL to the longhorns and their skinny butts...but it's true. Now, they ARE pretty, skinny butts and all! John Wingo

~mel said...

I too, had to google the blue indigo snake. Let's just say, I'm not a fan of snakes; but if they eat rattlers I guess I could handle them. Yuck... they give me the willies! All snakes do ~ no matter how big or small, good or bad.
Still no rain? I hope some falls on you soon!! I'll have to go do a rain dance for you:)

Martha (MM) said...

I'm off to google the blue indigo snake too - no idea what one looks like. Have a great weekend Paula :-)