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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Country Goin' To Town

My hats on and my bag is packed. Goin' to see the city lights. Leaving John in charge of the turtles (yeah right). Having a girly week-end and getting my daughter "fix". I'll miss you.


DD said...

Paula, you are a pretty sight
Going out to see the city lights.
Hat on head and bag in hand
Going to be with daughter again!

You are the pretty cowgirl I pictured you to be.
Have fun Paula. We will miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Now don't conform to a sanatized version of yourself ;o. Have a wild time. Oh, those poor turtles. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!!

madcobug said...

Enjoy getting your daughter fix. You look really good! Helen

jack69 said...

Enjoy yourself and the girls. Don't worry about the turtles, the know John, they will find their own food like he will have to. LOL

Indigo said...

I can related to needed a daughter fix. Have a grand time sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Anonymous said...

You're looking great Paula! Have a fun trip. Jean

Anonymous said...

Have a great time Paula and don't forget us while you're among all those city slickers. Great photo! John Wingo

shirl72 said...

I know you will have a good time. Live it up
just don't forget to come home. I guess I will
have to fly up there and take care of the turtles. I know they will miss you. You know
what happens to things when they depend on
others to feed them. Maybe they will survive.


Dar said...

Well, now, if you aren't just as sweet as peach jam on toast! Love that hat. Have a grand time with your daughter. Kick up your heels. John will take good care of those turtles. He knows where his meals come from too.

Toon said...

Have fun. I'm sure the turtles will miss you greatly!

Missy said...

Very pretty pic Ms. Paula...lovin' the blue earrings.


Missy said...

You have an award!

Rose said...

Have a great time!!