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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Home

I had a good time even ate fried pickles which I though was fried squash. Almost ate a salad with goat cheese in it but didn't quite make that one. Even went for two rides on a country road (my favorite thing to do) and their country roads are so much prettier then our's. My daughters are such good drivers I didn't have to grab the Oh S--- handle one time or put on my imiginary brakes on the passenger side. I had loads of fun but I'm so behind in everything. John sold Shelly Marie which I knew was coming one of these days. He brought her daughter and her granddaughter over the the ranch but they can't take her place. I know she had trouble having her last calf and she looks thin and she is old and has no teeth. I know ranching is a business and you don't get attached. She was one special cow. I have her pictures and my memories. Thank you Missy for the pretty award but you know I like all the blogs I read and just can't pick ten. They are all special in each unique way with words and pictures and I award them the special sunshine award.


jack69 said...

You are one great writer, I busted out laughing at the 'Oh sh--' handle, sherry was already in bed and I had to go back and spoil her read. She does that to me sometime. hahahaha

Truly sorry about Shellie Marie. But you know more about that life than I. Some things can be rough even if you know how they are supposed to be. (sigh).
But it is a great post and better 'Girlie report' than I expected'. (Ain't no goat cheese person myself!)
Take care good to have you back in one piece.

Missy said...

You're welcome Ms. Paula.

I feel bad Shelly Marie got sold as well. I kind of feel a little perturbed with John. He could have kept ONE cow.


Donna said...

Ah, the cold, hard facts of life. We took Clyde to the butcher shop yesterday. Of course, those tender steaks will console us a bit.

DD said...

Awww, Paula, so sorry about Shelly Marie. I know you will miss her.
Sounds like you had a great time with your daughters. Glad you made it back safely. We missed you!
(I am going to tell you about my "southern rancher cowboy brother" am looking for a picture)

Lucy said...

I have one of those sh=-sticks on m side to Glad you got away from the ranch and enjoyed your daughter. I am waiting to hear from my son or his wife. She has to let him get in the back He is in so much pain so they has a place for him to lay. His legs look horrible, and she drives, He lays on his back.They did an MRI and I hope they figure out what they are going to do.I got home yesterday and it was so nice not to feel pain with every move. It only lasts a while and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. Hopefully I will get till Nov. when the new insurance comes out to pick up. I may have to pay for what was done yesterday and it makes me very angry.

Rose said...

glad you had fun honey!!!

Dar said...

I know full well what it is to have farm animals, and that 'don't get attached' thing that comes with it. Shelley Marie gave you lots of smiles, bless her. Now her youngsters will bring more delight, given time.
So happy you got a country drive in with your daughters. It sounds as tho you had a great time.
LOL, I have to grab that SH** bar too. too often sometimes. Have a great ride day.

Sheila Y said...

We missed you Paula, but I am glad you had a great time with your daughters. I have to hit the passenger side brake more often than grab the Oh sh-- handle...ha. Poor Shelly Marie, wish she could have lived out her life there with you. Take care and have a great day! Sheila

Anonymous said...

I've tried fried pickles
and goat cheese
I'm sure there are better
fried pickles than the ones I've had
goat cheese on a
Greek salad is good

poor Shelly Marie...

salemslot9 journal

jack69 said...


You sure stirred a lot of memories with the "OH SH-- handle!"

Good one!!!

FrankandMary said...

Still thinking about the lack of the Oh Sh-- handle grab.
I've had those pickles. I've never met a pickle I didn't like. Glad you had such a good time.
I think you should do it more often. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Durn this Blogger, still won't let me comment and when I commented as anoymous, it just disappeared...Anyway Paula, glad you made it home and that you had a good goat cheese for me, thanks but the pickles sound pretty tasty. Sorry about Shelly Marie but she was one lucky cow to have you looking after her! LOL to the Oh S... handle. John Wingo

madcobug said...

Sorry about Shelly Marie, you will miss her.
A lot of people eat goat cheese. I have never tried it myself. Helen