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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Dog Fight Waiting To Happen

Now I ask you does our dog of years ago look smart enough to walk up to a counter and rent a room in a doggie hotel? He isn't "falling down smart" but he is smart enough to sit in this makeshift milk case swing and let someone push him. By the way his name was B.G. and that stands for Burglar Guard. He probably would have licked a burglar in the face but maybe his size would have scared them off. My week-end in the city made me realize how little I know about the life of pets in the city. Everywhere we went we saw a pet hotel, a pet day care, or a pet park. Pets in the city have a good life. I was thinking how convienent for the owners. Mostly working younger people living in nice apartments with pets. Who is going to let them out to go potty during the work day? Who is going to keep them while vacations are being enjoyed? I had the pleasure and amazment of going to a dog park with my daughter and her dog Roxy. Those parks are planned to a tee. When we walked in there was a dispenser of plastic bags and a sign to Please clean up after your dog. Wow! I thought, out here they just poop anywhere. When we arrived there was only one other dog and he/she was jumping into the pond from a deck. The park is arranged into a part for small dogs and one for large dogs. Wonder why some people insisted on bringing their small dog into the area for large dogs? One lady brought bones for her dog. Now that seemed to be a dog fight waitng to happen. There were tennis balls and some frisbys around. Roxy claimed one ball and then wouldn't have anything to do with any other. She would test each one she found and throw it down until she found the correct one. She wouldn't jump into the water until Lynda gave her the okay to retrieve the ball. I think our dog was smarter then all the rest. There are nice trails to walk on. I was really amazed when we were ready to leave Roxy got a shower so she wasn't dirty to get in the car. Geeze these country dogs down here are like us county people, but as long as we stay in the country we won't know any better.


Anonymous said...

So dogs would probably be escorted to the gate by the doggie bouncer. They're country dogs and wouldn't know how to behave with all those rules. John Wingo

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog now, but in the past, you couldn't teach Jimmy and the other old dog any new fangled tricks.

Anonymous Jimmy ('cause that's the only way I can comment)

Toon said...

Dog parks are bad news because some idiot always brings a pit bull that attacks dogs and humans alike.

madcobug said...

Glad that you are safely back home and had a great time. Your daughter's dog Roxy is smart. We used to have a poodle that would do that. Even pick a certain green walnut in the shell and want you to throw it for her. She always went and got that same walnut. Pick it up, shake her head from the bitter taste, put it down then pick it up and come running back for you to throw that bitter thing again. She was a sweetie.

Rose said...

seems a little spoiled to me but what do I know! :)

My kids have dogs and it seems to me they treat them like humans rather than dogs. Dogs are dogs and I think they like it that way!

jack69 said...

You are the best! great post. Yeah, I cannot imagine how they check into the doggie motel!

Everywhere we live there are signs, clean u0p after your pet. I see cats on leash, they hate that. I saw a lady walking her bird once.

Most of the old folk use 'Walmart' bags to clean up after their pet. I think my dad would have gagged a bit, picking up dog poop! Specially a wet-one!!!

Love you lady you did great, got my laugh to start my day. Start at noon? YEP I use this 'OLD' title to the hilt.

DD said...

Paula, I have been trying to get a comment posted and maybe I finally got it, looks ike this one is going through. It is not just is blogger! Great doggie