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Friday, June 17, 2011

Texas Strong Bug

This picture was borrowed from the internet.

Tonight I was reading Jon's blog about scorpions and dust storms in west Texas. It made me think we haven't seen one of these guys in a long time and I'm so glad. I'm almost more afraid of scorpions then of rattlesnakes. Rattlesnakes make a noise and are bigger. When I went to the bathroom I spotted a scorpion crawling on the floor with it's tail up in stinging mode. Not one thing to kill it with and I'm barefoot. I ran across the hall and grabbed a shoe. With one whack it was dead. To the kitchen for the broom and dustpan and into the toilet it goes. Now can I sleep? No I've been searching for it's sisters and brothers with a flashlight. Not that I've ever seen more then one at one time but it looked young and was easy to kill. There used to be a story here in south Texas about someone coming here from a part of the country where there aren't scorpions. People would tell them they are Texas Strong Bugs and bet them that they couldn't hold one down with their thumb. Of course they would say they could hold that little ole bug down and when they tried it would sting the heck out of them and they would take their thumb off. Sounds like a mean joke to me. I've been stung twice in my life. Once we lived in the country and we heard a commotion in the front yard. We all ran out the front door and onto a wood porch. I stepped full weight onto a scorpion and it hurt sooo bad I begged to go to the hospital being a little girl and having never been to a hospital. Of course they didn't take me for that but it was so painful. The noise we heard was a snake trying to eat a small cottontail rabbit. The second time I was stung the scorpion was in a towel when I dried my hands but it didn't hurt as bad. You can bet I won't be going barefoot at night and I will shake out any robe or towel I plan to use. If we don't get some rain soon everything will be coming in for water but we won't be bothered with mesquitoes like usual.


Anonymous said...


hope your weekend
is scorpion free

salemslot9 journal

Dar said...

I have never seen a scorpion except for the pseudoscorpions we do have here that are so tiny, you have to use a looking glass to see them. My sister in TX has had them, when they were doing a remodel, and she has been stung a few times. She says they always come in pairs, and has been fortunate to always find the partner. You remind me to be more careful grabbing a towel, tho. Geeez, gives me the creepy-crawly feeling.
John has a blog? Would he mind my reading his and what's his handle?

Lucy said...

I am just going to say, I do not like anything that crawls on the floor, or gets in anything I might put my hands on. My son always said everything was bigger in Tx. I believe it. We have little harmless spiders that don't bite. Glad he never talked us into moving down there.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

owwwwww......nasty bugs!!....don't miss the little yelowish-brown ones in Florida...!!


jack69 said...

I don't think I have ever seen a scopian. Is the sting like or worse than a hornet or wasp I wonder. I have always thought they were poisonous also.

I know Louis lamore wrote, and in the movies cowboys always shook their boots out before putting them on, I guess that was for scorpions, I was thinking snakes, but they would be too big. Oh well You guys in Texas deal with different things than we do.

Thinking of stinging. I had some ant killer in a spray and a wasp nest I needed gone. Let me tiell you Ant killer just makes wasp's mad! One got me.

Anyway always love your blog
Sherry & Jack

Anonymous said...

They sure do pack a punch!! I've found vinegar does wonders for a sting! We haven't found any live ones lately but I'm always on the look out as they are bad around here. Hope you got some sleep! ~ Wendy N

Anonymous said...

Don't care for the curly tailed devils. We haven't seen too many this year but I'm sure we will before summer's over. Their sting is pretty painful and it lasts awhile! John Wingo

Anonymous said...

I used to love the German band the Scorpions.

DD said...

I believe I had rather just fight the mesquitoes. Those pest I know, the others I do not and don't want to get aquainted with either!
Shake your shoes