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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Come Take A Ride With Us

This is the little road to the back forty. The property to the left belongs to the banker. The picture is of a dry creek bed where the water washes down when it does rain (which it hasn't lately). Once when we lived on the ranch it was a rainy season and it was too wet to drive down there so we walked. Standing there we heard a noise and looked up to see a big wall of water coming down. We ran to get out of the way. This road was getting almost impassable so John hired a young man to help him haul these rocks there to make it passable until the rains come again and wash them away. You can't tell from the picture how deep it is but when we would go to the back forty to plow or plant I would have John let me off to walk across while he drove the tractor across. I could just imagine the big John Deere falling over and me under it. When he got across he would stop and I would climb back on. It has very large fenders and I sat on one. It also has a shade over it but no a/c. It was fun in those days but the last time I rode on the tractor with him it was over such rough land the next morning I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed. I guess my tractor riding days are over but we do drive over these rocks in the work truck. No place else but south Texas.


Rose said...

always an adventure! hope you get some rain soon!

TexWisGirl said...

and boy, i'd wish for a bit of a gully-washer for you right now... :)

DD said...

I enjoy walking or riding on country roads and I enjoyed this ride with you today :)
You have some fine looking cows in your side bar. I love the little man in the red sweater in truck bed.

Anonymous said...

I always had fun riding on tractors!


jack69 said...

Paula, You are the first person I have acturally 'talked' to that has seen that 'wall of water'. I have read it in my Cowboy books, and when traveling in your neck of the woods It was funny to see the signs 'NO PARKING, FLASH FLOOD DANGER', to us Easterners it looked strange, but knowing the cowboy books did not lie, we avoided it. A think unique to the South WEST.
Good entry.
Sherry & jack

Sheila Y said...

Yes, stay away from those walls of water. Wish you would get some good rain though. Stay cool and have a good day tomorrow, Sheila

Toon said...

WE've got cooler temps and rain in the forecast! (crossing fingers)