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Thursday, August 4, 2011

If I disappear----

If I disappear I may have fallen through this crack and landed in China. I took this picture in June and by now August it may be and probably is longer and wider and deeper. This crack is in the hay yard and we haven't been in there lately as John is feeding range meal in old bath tubs. He adds some salt and sometime some mineral. He is still running water on the ground to make the grass stay green and grow in one area. The cows love it and make it their "hang-out" place. They take turns drinking out of the end of the pipe. Ginger and Pal still hang out together. They are the two cows John bought last summer from people who were neighbors. Ginger and Pal could watch each other across the fence and road so when he bought them both they were like old friends. "The Looker" still doesn't completely trust us. She stays with the herd in the yard now but never turns her back to us and watches us. I'm a born and bred south Texan but I've never felt it sooo hot and miserable. We try to do our work as early as possible and stay air conditioned all afternoon.


TexWisGirl said...

it's just got to end sometime, right? i feel for your livestock...

Wendy said...

I'm just thankful we have central A/C, can you imagine living in this without A/C?

Sheila Y said...

Just keep dreaming of the cooler winter days ahead...take care and stay cool, Sheila

Jon said...

We get a lot of mysterious ground cracks here in West TX, too. I think that's the reason some of my neighbors have disappeared.
This is the hottest, driest summer I can remember. Judging by your great photos, you live in a much nicer area than I do!

jack69 said...

Thanks for starting my day with the country tale. Glad the cows can see green, of course I know that has John seeing green. I know you guys would love to see a steady rain. We love the cow stories.
Off for our days adventures looking for our Molasses, for us not for the cows, but I am glad they like it. hahaha

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We have campers here from South Carolina...they brought their horses to the mountains to lower their body temps.....horses were over heating....!!....Yikes!!


Dar said...

My, I've missed so much...keeping GrandLoves keeps me away from places I'd rather be sometimes...
was reading back a few entries I'd missed and was wanting to kick some butt of the LL. hmmm
So glad you had such a wonderful're still a young chick! Staying as active as you do each day, you remind me of my Mom...she's 82 and you'd swear she were at least 20 yrs younger. BlessYaBoth
I always wondered what the Cactus Pear tastes like...will have to try one sometime...I'm game.
My Lil Sis is near Ft.Worth and says it's been hotter n' blazes! My heart goes out to all of you and the cattle, turtles and wildlife. Mercy. It's gotta rain sometime...unreal, the ground is cracking so bad...prayers for rain and enough to soak into the ground and not just run off.

Lucy said...

It is raining here now. Our grass was turning brown and we had cracks in our yard until I would badger Joe into watering it. I hope things improve soon. for you. I have seen pictures on CNN of huge cracks in the ground and crops just ruined. Our's is not a big rain but I would gladly share if I could.

Toon said...

It's raining here as I type this. FINALLY!

shirl72 said...

I started my rain dance and it is raining here
but still hot. (99 and 100 awful.) How are the
turtles. We had a surprise a 80 pound turtle was
downtown the other day. It was going to take a stroll across the street it look like it was waiting for traffic to stop. It was to heavy
to lift so it was turned around and it took off
fast in the opposite direction and headed for a field. He was not afraid of people. He probably wanted to go shopping but people
sent him home. He defied his reputation of dallying He was quick. It was OK because they
could see a path in the field where he took off.
His shopping was interrupted. Sorry to be so wordy but this was funny since you have turtles.
May have been one of yours


DD said...

I enjoy hearing about your cows and their personalities. :)

Be careful, don't fall to China, I would miss your blog entries.

I hope you get rain very soon.