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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Volkswagon Bus Is Alive And Well

This weekend at our town was Cowboy Homecoming but we were traitors, we didn't take in any of it because of the heat. I really like to watch the parade from under a big sprawling live oak tree at our dentist's office. Always wanted to play cow patty bingo where you purchase a square as does everyone who participates. They let a cow that has been well fed in the area at a certain time. The owner of the first square she poops in wins the money. Is she poops on a line two people share. I always wanted to watch the chicken roping but never have. Now I'm sure they don't do anything to harm chickens. I think it is something funny to watch little kids try to do. Lots of good country music, every kind of food like any festival and things to sell, sell, sell. Today when we ate lunch at the hospital cafeteria one of our favorite workers ask us if we saw the parade. She told us about decorating her volkswagon bus in a hippie way and one of the other girls drove her '65 mustang. I ask her if her wagon still happened to be decorated and on the parking lot. Just what she was wanting me to ask her so we checked it out when we left. Wow she has taken good care of that bus. I was expecting a delapalated old piece of junk. It looked nice and was decorated all over with piece signs, flowers and a necklace with a piece sign hanging from the rear view mirrow. I'll bet they got a lot of clapping when they went by. Now I wish we would have braved the heat.


TexWisGirl said...

awww. and no pictures?! :)

i couldn't have gone out in this dreadful heat either.

jack69 said...

Okay that is a new wrinkle in my horn, never heard of cow patty bingo. But I would sure gie it a try.
Chicken roping? WOW.
I do like the VW bus, most of them have NOT been kept up.
Take care sorry about the heat.
Love ya
Sherry & Jack

Jill said...

Best not to even try on your heat. At least you got to see a groovy bus! :)

Rose said...

the heat has been keeping me from getting a lot done too. it's finally cooler so guess I'll have to start doing some stuff!

Barb did a post... I am sure she'd love to hear from you! xox

Marty said...

Cow Patty Bingo? What next, poker with buffalo chips?

Toon said...

I just drew a VW bus for no reason the other day. It'll be in the blog soon.

Lucy said...

I don't blame you for not braving the heat. I literally get sick if I am out in extreme heat. Sounds like it would be fun though, to go.

DD said...

That is new bingo to me...interesting!