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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Saw It!

I saw the pear ball. Yuck! John wanted me to touch it to see how hard it was and it is old and maybe already shrunk some. It would have been interesting to see the inside and how the cow's food had wrapped around. I refrained as I have a low immune system due to low blood platelets. Mine were at last blood work 70,000 when they should be between 150,000 and 400,000. Last summer they were down to 41,000 so I try not to touch nasty things like pear balls and use lots of hand sanitiser. We saw another kind of unusual thing today. A squirrel in the pasture. We never see squirrels on this place. I'm sure it was hard pressed to find a mesquite bean or acorn left. The quail have moved up near the farm house and I don't think they hatched any little ones thise year. Also saw one of the cute little cotton tails. It was by the pens. I watched it watch John getting feed out of the grain tank. I'm sure it has figured out there is good stuff in there and scoops up any that John or the cows drop. When we left the ranch at ten it was already heating up. Haven't heard the news today if there are any wild fires. Almost everyday there are one or two new ones.


DD said...

Look but don't touch!

I sure hope you don't have fires nearby. If only it would rain.

jack69 said...

Neat entry, don't touch the balls and if you do don't squeeze!!!!
I know you guys are really needing rain. I was surprised to hear we are in stage 1 drought condition what ever that means.

Take care.

Jill said...

Glad you didn't post pictures of the pear ball. Ewww!
Hoping you get some rain!

Dar said...

Yuppers, keep away, step far away from the nasty stuff. You need to keep those counts upward and onward.
The header picture captures the smoke around the sun, right? Still praying hard for rains for you.
My sis lives down there in TX and says there are so many fires and more all the time....even a couple in their own neighborhood just outside of Ft. Worth this past week. When the wind is right, they can smell the smoke from way off....stay safe Paula and John...stay safe.

Toon said...

My dad always leaves out shallow pans of water for the quail. I guess they have a rough time surviving drought.

Lucy said...

Pauline I hope you take good care of yourself and was really glad you try not to touch yuckie stuff.

Leontien said...

Ok, so i had to read your previous post in order to understand the whole pear ball thing. and my gosh that must hurt! We give almost all our heifers (cows that are a first time momma) a magnet to swallow. So if they have eaten a rusty nail or other "hardware" it makes it stick together and they don't puncture their stomach or intestines.

Thanks for the post and i'm glad you saw it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jack stole my line but I guess the early bird gets the worm. Hope you get some rain soon and no wild fires!

Try to get some pics of the jack rabbits.


Lucy said...

I wonder why this little great grandson is so special? He is just such a alert little fella. I don't know where this came from. Just wanted to thank you for commenting.