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Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby Blue Dragonflies & Clean Turtle Shells

The sun is actually not bearing down to where we can go to the ranch after lunch and not melt. Not that much to do. John let me off at the stock tank while he went to fill the house water. The turtles were ready to eat and even some of them climbed the sides to get to me. Yeah right it was the bread they knew I had in my hand. The water is still up so I can't get down near the water like usual so I stood on top  and they tried to come to me. Some of them could make it and some had to wait for me to pitch the bread into the water. Their shells are free of the ugly muck  so they are pretty, at least for now. The mesquitoes are bad and there were lots of dragonflies over the edge of the water. The dragonflies are pretty too. They are baby blue in color and I've never seen that. I don't know if they are that color this time of year or if they are a certain kind but they sure were pretty. There was a few mud hens on the other side of the water but other then them everything was quiet. I put out some lettuce where I've seen the rabbit. Not much chance of it finding it as it covers a lot of area in it's travels looking for food. Even the renters were quiet and we can't figure them out. They have cleared out the whole back yard. No geese, chickens, cats, little dogs, turkeys. Before the yard was always full of animals.


TexWisGirl said...

uh oh. maybe they're eating their backyard critters!

the pond and the cacti in your photo look so nice!

Jill said...

Shame on TexWisGirl! ha!

I also love your new header. I can only imagine how happy those turtles were to see you.

jack69 said...

I meant to ask,is that the stock tank with the boat?
I see you caught one dragon fly and put it in the e-mail. Good for you! It is good that you guys have the water. You make friends easily with animals it seems, You can come up with some good posts. We always Enjoy them, thanks.
Sherry & jack across the Gulf.

salemslot9 said...

maybe, renters are
a lil too quiet

Sheila Y said...

I hope they haven't moved them into the house for winter...Hope the cooler weather stays around and you get the rain when you need it. Take care, Sheila

FrankandMary said...

It was the bread & YOU.

Kath said...

Those turtles sure know you well Paula LOL!!Don'e know what colour the dragonfies are supposed to be,maybe they are like me and turn blue when the weather is cooler Haa.As for the renters.I hope they arn't getting ready to do a moonlight flit.Have a great week/end Love Kath Motherhen.I hope it lets me put this comment in now.xx

Lucy said...

Happy days for the turtles. Maybe the renters moved out. Got my packet hand delivered. She will have to come back and explain a little more but not to bad. How did you like our musical DD? lol