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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Doggie Brigade

Guess who we met as we drove into the trap near the cow pens? The three grown renter kids walking six little doggies on leashes. Guess all six are living inside the house. Wow I would be afraid I would step on them. They also had a large turkey in the back yard. John said maybe it is their Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of the yard was clear. After putting the feed in the tubs we rode around some and spotted one busy roadrunner and one dryland turtle. I stuck my head out the window and ask it if it is kin to Toby. John ask what did it say? It said yes Toby is a distant relative. It is permissable to be silly when you're old. It got fairly hot here today and really was A/C weather again.


jack69 said...

YES, it is permissable to be silly when you are old. I am making it a practice a lot lately!!
Amazing the puppies were on leashes! And the turkey? John is possibly right! Can we get an invite?

I hope Toby's cousin finds happiness as toby did for awhile.

Love the post, when you write I feel like i am there. Thanks.
Sherry & jack, sending love from over here!
We think of you sometimes at sunset. Times I will say it is setting on PAula and JOhn.

Jill said...

We are never too young or old to be silly! :)

DD said...

I don't think I had to try very hard to be silly, either..haa.
Good post...turkey dinner..mmmmm.