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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Rabbits In One Day

I'm having so much hope that the wild animals haven't all disappeared from south Texas. I'm sure they're thick other places on large ranches but we just don't see the animals we used to see here. John blames it on the wild hogs and there are those people who shoot anything that moves just to be shooting. I drug John for a ride to a country cemetary late this afternoon. As I was walking to a back corner to check out a family plot that someone had fixed up like a garden with a birdbath (no water), a nice oak tree which was getting a good start because there was a hose there where someone is giving it plenty of water in this drought. There was a pretty white archway with wind chime hanging in the middle and flowers planted. On close inspection of the tombstone the wife had died and the husband hasn't yet. He must have loved her very much to go to so much trouble, but back to the subject. Something jumped out from behind a tree and it was a large jackrabbit. Boy! I had forgotten how big those guys are. It ran a ways and stopped and listened while I talked to it. As soon as I moved on it ran away. This morning we saw one of the cottontails. So with them, the dry land turtle and the horned toad I have seen recently I'm having hope. As for the comments about the dog catcher if we catch the dogs out we will call again. We do know where they live and there is only one in the yard so we think the dogcatcher may have taken one in. i closed the sliding door to a point that a big dog couldn't get in but Susie can get some air. She can hide in that room. It is kind of dark in there even with the light on and she is dark in color so she can hide and she does hide in different places and won't answer me unless it is meal time then she will come out to eat her soft food. You may think we were mean to not take her to the vet and we did talk it over but knowing her being so old and  getting so upset over strange people and places, we decided it was best to leave her in quiet and peace and take care of her the best we can.


TexWisGirl said...

i'm glad you're getting some wildlife sightings again - maybe it's the cooler weather or the touches of rain you've been able to see again finally! and for susie's care, i believe you will know what's best for her - if she gets extra stressed out by being handled or transported to the vet, that might be worse for her recovery than trying to keep her safe and calm...

DD said...

I imagine Suzie would rather take it easy and get well on her own, since she was not hurt badly.
I am glad you still have jackrabbits around. I remember thinking how big they are. It has been a long time since I saw one somewhere out west, probably in South Texas..ha. We don't have them here. We do have our little cotton tail bunnies :).

Jill said...

Love is the best healer and I know you are doing the best for Susie!

So glad that you are seeing some wildlife. I hope it's a growing trend.

Donna said...

I never once thought you were mean not to take her to the vet. Of course, I'm country folk, and was raised to let nature do the healing whenever possible. Plus, vets are so expensive, and now that we're on a fixed income we have to be sure it's necessary if we're going to spend that money.

~mel said...

Your little Susie kitty is lucky to have you and John around. Dang dogs ~ I'm with you on that city ordinance thing about dogs running astray. Why have the ordinance if they aren't going to enforce it?
Happy to hear of the jack rabbit and cotton tail sightings... also ... majorly happy to hear that you got some relief from the drought and you received some precious rain water :)
That was sweet too about your finding at the cemetary ~ the well tended lot. I could never get Slim to stop and just look around like your John does for you. Maybe if I told him someone told me they found some mushrooms at the cemetary he would stop in.

Toon said...

The stress of traveling and being in a vet's office might make things worse for Susie. It might help to call your vet's office and ask if they have any recommendations for what you could do for her at home.

Dar said...

You know what to do, all that love and country care comes in handy for lil ones like your Susie.
Happy to hear the rabbits are surviving. Thank the Lord for that needed rainfall. Prayers for lots more for your drought-stricken area.
As for the cemetery plot tended with so much care and love, I admire anyone who has such love as to not let the dream of his wife pass too. How sweet. BlessHisHeart
and BlessYours

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I think all your rabbits moved to NC...the twelve acre wood seems to be crawling with'um....!!

jack69 said...

I love the wild life too and to think it is getting sparse would make one sad. Glad you have seen some around now, we all need Hope.

I doubt if Susie could get better care. I like folk that understand animals. Sometimes TLC is better, many times the BEST.

Sending love from across the Guld, Sherry & jack

Kath said...

I hope your Susie soon feels much better Paula,There are lots of wildlife here that seem very sparce.How lovely the chap at the cemetary tends to his wifes grave so well.I still go and do the same at my parents grave after 31yrs.Had a hedgehog running around the garden yesterday most unusual and through the daytime too that was,then a squirrel darted up the tree opposite my kitchen window.Take Care God Bless have a good evening Paula.Kath Motherehn xx

Anonymous said...

I understand about Susie we rescued a stray
once and we could never tame him. His leg was caught in a trap and we took him to the Vet.
broght him home and trid to keep him inside and
he yelled all the time wanting to get outside.
I get so upset when people will not take care
of their animals. We had a laid back poodle name Chancy because we took a chance on her who
was unwanted by her family. She lived to be 21 years and I miss her.