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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who Would Find Little Sticks With Red Flags Exciting?

Us of course. The gas company doesn't give much warning. When they are ready to survey, they are ready to survey. The survey company for the gas pipe line that is going across the three ranch properties called John right after lunch and they were a mile past the ranch in his little hometown and they were ready to survey. The landowners turned it all over to John to let them in and show them where all the gates are and how to get in. They even left a message on my phone and then called John's number so he rushed out. He found out the pipeline will be going from Houston to Midland, Texas and will be 16 inches in diameter. Late this afternoon we drove around looking at all the stakes with the red ribbon to see how the pipe will go. So far they have surveyed the west property and tomorrow they will do the middle and the east. This crew wouldn't commit much to info. about the care of the cattle. They said he will have to talk to the construction crew about all that but they will put up some kind of barracade around the trenches and they probably won't start until about February, 2012 So that was our excitement today. Susie is still doing well but not coming out of the shed. She moves from the shelf to behind a tire on the floor. Comes out to eat or drink a little milk. No sign of the dogs but we're watching.


jack69 said...

Wow, I got here first, to break ground on the red flags. I hope no one does like the kids on my property, they came and pulled them up and moved them over a bit, that caused a little fuss. Ha. So If you really want excitement go reposition them in a circle!

No, on second thought, don't do that. haha

Glad Susie is doing okay, I know she still has that fear of DEATH. (I would!)

I hope the pipeline isn't too much distraction. Should go fast.

From over here.
Jack & Sherry

jack69 said...
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jack69 said...

Hey, hey Paula (I know you have heard reference to that song many times, huh?)

RE: your comment, About the country roads. We do drive the country roads in the van. We love it. But only once we settle the rig down at a campsight. The last time I got excited about mail was when I was gone on a ship. I know you remember the separation times when a letter was a LETTER!
Thinking of you,
Sherry & jack
PS deleted the other comment because of spelling. I know,,,, surprise!

Anonymous said...


To answer your question about My Brother, yes
he is a Clown. He is a funny guy He can come
up with funny things.

Don't know much about surveys by the Gas Company.
When we had them come out and locate the lines
at the house we were renovated they miss the
lines about 6 feet due to that the workers cut the lines. Every Fire Truck in Charlotte
arrived on the scene. That is my dealing with
Gas Company.

The computer is making me sign anonymous so it
will post. It has its on mind at least it is letting me post at present but that can change.


Jill said...

Sure glad Susie is doing OK.

Imagine the whole pipeline thing can be a bit unnerving!

Lucy said...

I love Shirl's comment about her brother. He is funny. Everyone here is upset about an oil pipe lice that has reached from Canada to our sandhills. and is supposed to go through Texas to the coast. It would create jobs and help with the economy but wouldn't you know the farmers and Ranch owners are having a fit. Good old Ne. Now they are talking about a class for anyone that sells alcoholic beverages and if anyone is drunk and caught, they will put heavy fines on them. That is crazy because if a person wants more to drink they can buy it and drink it most anywhere, so just where did he get over the limit drunk. Nebraska is getting to big for it's britches, or I should say thinks it is.

Lucy said...

Not lice, I meant line.

Toon said...

Susie probably has some post-traumatic stress from the experience. I know I would!

Dar said...

I've been thinking of your Susie Kitty. She sure must be one tough cat to withstand such an ordeal. I sure hope they catch and put an end to those horrible trouble-makers. There's always a few in a crowd...but do hope they don't get the opportunity to continue to teach their young wrong. That kind of survival no one needs, even in the animal world.
As for that pipeline, umm, can't imagine the nerves of it all. How deep do they bury them? and hope the barricades deter cattle curiosity. I'm sure the construction crew deals with this all the time...after all, TX is all about cattle and oil, and gas and some of the finest folks I know.
Have a great weekend, Paula, John, Susie, all the cattle and the turtles too.

Anonymous said...

If I were Susie, I'd not come out until you & John hired me a bodyguard. ~Mary

ps judging by my cats, perhaps an offering of chicken will bring her out a bit?