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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just Short Of A Fence Fixin'

While checking the cattle this morning we heard sirens and could see some of the emergency vehicles on the Farm to Market road that runs along side the ranch. We just thought they were going to a wreck the other side of town. When we came out of the lane and onto the paved road we could see red lights flashing near the fence to the west toward town. So we turned that way to check it out. There was only a highway Patrol car there beside a big red car on it's side very near the fence. It just missed the fence and some work for John. Someone must have fallen to sleep on their way to work or texting. Guess they had already been taken to the hospital. Hope they are okay and glad the fence wasn't broken. It was a little cold this morning so I knew the turtles wouldn't want to come out but yesterday there were about five little ones and they were sooo cute. Not as little as I would like to see but young. The Looker hasn't had her calf yet. John must have miscalculated. He thinks it will be December now. We had a a shower here in town yesterday but none at the ranch. However the little bit of grass is still green as we haven't had a frost yet.


TexWisGirl said...

love your header photo.

glad the fence wasn't taken out!

Jill said...

Thank goodness the person and fence are ok!

Kath said...

All sounds well on the ranch at the moment Paula.Thats good.Great header you have there,though I would be terrified if I saw him real haaaaaaa Take Care God Bless Kath xx

jack69 said...

Glad there was no fence fixin'. How sweet little turtlettes!@!!

From over here
Sherry & Jack

Cher' Shots said...
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Cher' Shots said...

I hate the sounds of sirens, never know for sure what happened to whomever. No frost yet?? Thanks for checking out my snow pics.
'hugs from afar'

P.S. I removed last post because I spelled KNOW wrong ... with the word NO. Typing too fast for my own good.

Dar said...

The last sirens and flashing lights we witnessed was our nephews family under a hay wagon due to the sun glare in his wifes eyes...the driver of the tractor also had a baler between the tractor and the load of hay, cushioning the hit. Thank God all were spared...hat the sirens.
Glad the fence didn't need mending...that's a chore in any weather.
BlessYourHeart and Thanks for Stopping by.

Missy said...

Hopefully everyone is okay from the accident.. I like the pics of the turtles you have on your sidebar, Ms. Paula. You take care!



Lucy said...

Hope everything is ok for whoever was in the red car and glad they didn't snag the fence. Watching my brothers and dad "fix fence" you know it is work. Take care, Paula