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Friday, December 30, 2011

Huzzy Dolly

When my youngest daughter was a very little girl she got a pink doll from Santa. It was in a fuzzy snowsuit all but the face. we named it Fuzzy Dolly but she was just learning to talk and it would come out as Huzzy Dolly. My husband and I laughed when she would say that but my Mama thought it was a terrible thing that we didn't correct her. She turned out okay anyway. lol Recently she found that a good friend of her's also has a doll like that and has saved it all these many years so she took a cute picture of the two dolls hugging. I couldn't get it to post here so I will post the poem I wrote several years ago about Huzzy Dolly.

Huzzy Dolly arrived on Christmas morn, she was the sweetest baby doll ever born.

She was cute and cuddly in her little pink suit, sticking her head out from under the other Christmas loot.

Lynda loved the doll that was so fuzzy, but she couldn't talk too well so it came out Huzzy.

She loved her so much she took her everywhere. Of all her toys she held Hussy especially dear.

At bedtime she just had to be found, then Lynda could sleep without a sound.

We gave her a bath and hung her to dry. Lynda was brave and tried not to cry.

Hussy turned out as good as new, then Lynda smiled and wasn't so blue.

When Lynda left home she came back to retrieve, her beautiful pink Hussy Dolly she just couldn't leave.

Now Huzzy Dolly is old and a pitiful sight, but Lynda will always remember the comfort Huzzy gave her at night.

Pauline Lieck
February 1993


salemslot9 said...

the doll
or stuffed animal
that looks the
most worn got
the most love

Jill said...

This is very sweet!

madcobug said...

Very good. Some precious memories for you and your daughter. Helen

Dar said...

LOL, how cute. I love when the wee ones are first finding their words and they don't always come out just right. Sweet Story of Lynda and her Huzzy Dolly.
BlessYourHearts and HappyNewYear

jack69 said...

Hey YEAH!!! Glad to see Paulinescountrytales on and intact!!!!
Love the story, as all of your, GREAT! Most of all I am glad to see the blog come up when I clicked on it.
Love from Florida,
Sherry & Jack

Lucy said...

That is great. Is youe daughter there yet? To all of you Have a Happy New Year.

Kathy said...

Aw, what a sweet remembrance. Was this a little doll, about 10-12 inches high, stuffed with foam? My daughter had one like that that she called Pink Baby. It was her favorite but finally after about four years I believed she had given it up. But then one day she came in house from the backyard screaming hysterically, "Pink Baby, Pink Baby!" The dog had it and was doing his best to rip the poor Pink Baby into shreds. He did quite a bit of damage but we were finally able to rescue it although she was never the same and her little pink snowsuit was forever dirty. If we washed her she would have fallen apart. Last year when I got ready to move back to Texas after having been in Arizona for over 35 years, I found the Pink Baby in an old cedar chest. My daughter has her now! Thanks for bringing these memories back to me! Happy New Year!

john wingo said...

You had me scared, Paula. Last night when I tried to open your page, I got a message that said your blog was no longer available...glad that's straightened out. Great poem and great story! Huzzy Baby sounds like a great friend.


CUTE story. Happy New Year. May good health and dreams fulfilled bless you in 2012.

Lori said...

How sweet!! Eler Beth still has her favorite soft baby dolly, named "Babay", which is how she said "baby" when she learned to talk. And Babay still goes a lot of places with her! lol

shirl72 said...

Beautiful poem. Paula you could sit in the
White House and write poems and make everyone
smile. More than we have had in a long time.

The doll story reminds me of a friend's little boy who had not learn to read. Traveling one day he saw a sign that said Massage Palor.. he read it Message Palor. We never did correct him children are funny.


DD said...

How nice that you girl still has her Huzzy Dolly! And another good poem. :)

I feel as if I am just getting back to normal from the holidays. I sat with my aunt at the hospital for a while yesterday, so now I am going to rest and recover, hopefully.
Take care.

Dar said...

Just had to pop back in and ask if you want some of our snow to go with your cold weather...35 degrees is cold enough to keep the snow around for a bit...we woke to minus 11 this morning. It freezes your nostrils.
Stay stopping here.

Lucy said...

Love that. It is just so cute. I like my blog background to Paula and thanks for commenting on it.