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Monday, January 16, 2012

It Ain't Much Fun No More.

The trip to Poth, Texas to buy cattle feed used to be a pleasure. It is always greener that direction to the east of us as they seem to get more rain. The farm-to-market road is good road. Ranches with pretty houses to gaze at in passing and my favorite the one that is just like a red barn. Now companies have rented land for oil field yards along the way and the big trucks are never ending. This is a two lane paved road with a shoulder on either side. I think it is against the law to drive on the shoulder but if I catch a glimpse in my rear view mirrow of one of those big truck barreling down on me I give him room and they don't hesitate to pass even in an unsafe situation at times. I realize time is money to them buuuut what about us farmers and ranchers? I just imagine they come upon a dirty work truck with a little ole' lady with her spiked hair sticking up and a gray headed man talking with his hands telling her how to drive they probably say we have no business on the road because they never nod, wave, or blink their lights to thank me for giving them room. When we get safely home with a load of feed I say a silent prayer of thanks to God. Sometime I want to say "go home oil field workers where ever you're from" but then the people who are leasing thier land making them able to pay off their farms and ranches, fix all their fences, and build big barns probably say  "keep going oil field workers". Drive faster and tear up our roads and run those old coggers off the road. Like I said it isn't much fun anymore. It's work and a job to keep the cattle fed. 


TexWisGirl said...

hurray! i can load your page and comment again!!!

sorry about the loss of easy driving. i know when the gravel haulers are working along our FtoM roads, it becomes a terrible hazard, so i can imagine the oil and gas workers there! yikes!

Donna said...

Pauline, you are one of my favorites. You always tell it like it is.

shirl72 said...

Sorry it is not fun anymore driving to get feed. If I was there we would give them a run for their money. We could get some loud speakers and sing real loud "Oh we ain't got a lot of money and maybe ragged and funny but we driving alone right by your side". I bet they would listen. You need to have fun.


john wingo said...

I know just what you mean about those oilfield truckers Paul. You hit the nail right on the head...and if they're late, they sure hear about it.

salemslot9 said...

you look little
next to the
white door on
the side thingy

DD said...

You are right, Paula. The pace is much too fast these days.
The Farm Chick looks very nice there in her sidebar.

jack69 said...

I think Texas is the only state I have been in where folks move to the shoulder to allow cars to pass. I remember thinking what a nice gesture. While I was in the state I did the same with the motor home, but only when the shoulder was paved.
That is a courtesy I have always thought was nice, the blinking thelights to thank you for the courtesy. too bad they donot follow thru!!!!
TAke care.

FrankandMary said...

But, girlfriend, at least the "company" is gone.
:o ~Mary