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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who Goes There In The Dark Of Night?

Sometime I wake up at four or four thirty a.m. so I get up to watch the local news, maybe put a load of laundry on and then go back to bed. After talking to our neighbor I'm thinking maybe I should go for a walk instead to see what is lurking out there. Our neighbor is a guard at a prison near another town so he has to leave at four a.m. He was telling us about the wild life he sometime sees in the dark of night when he is leaving for work. We think we live in the city but I'm not so sure of that now. He said he saw a racoon between our houses recently and it went toward my storage shed. One morning he saw a fox on John's vacant lot. He sees deer down the street. I'm afraid our wild life  kingdom will disappear soon as they have started the plumbing work for the new apartment complex down and across the street from where we live. we talked to the neighbor because we were out checking my outside faucet night before last. It has been changing from summer to winter each day here. That night it was sooo cold I had wrapped my faucet and dripped the back one. When I checked the wrapped one was dripping wet. I just knew my pipe had burst but i guess it was on the verge and then the sun came out and started melting everything. I'll be dripping that one from now on when its going to freeze because that is the coldest part of my yard. The birdbath had ice in it right beside the faucet. We south Texans don't know how to deal with cold weather. 


Dar said...

So sorry to hear of the burst pipe...they are no fun for anyone at any time of the year, let alone the winter.
The wildlife are probably being forced out of their natural homes, so they are coming to town. Pretty soon you will see them with suitcases. LOL
Anyway, don't worry about them. They have survived this long and will continue to. They just make new trails and find new homes, thus new waterways and food. We even see it here where there is so much wild, wildwoods. The loggers, homebuilders, new industry, something is always shaking things up for the wildlife but they still manage.
Back to your pipes, I didn't think it got so cold there to freeze pipes. Good luck with that.
BlessYourHeart and Thanks for stopping faithfully

Sheila Y said...

Now all you need is a little snow...stay warm, Sheila

jack69 said...

Yeah Paula, we don't deal with freeze too well. We have had the same over here in Florida lately. But does the Sun warm you guys in the day, it does here in florida.

Laughed at Dar's "They will have suit cases soon!" statement about the wild life.


I've been sick. Playing catch up to read everybody's blogs. We once had a burst pipe. they are no fun. Cause a real mess and are costly to repair. I wish you well with that. Take care.

Jon said...

Since I've always been a night owl, I'm partial to anything nocturnal. The other night I looked out a window and saw a fox walking down the sidewalk (no kidding).

Kath said...

We get many foxes here Paula.I got one visiting regular at my last home.I lagged all my pipes early this year,just in case.The weather here is bitter with severe frosts and fog, but so far so good.Roll on spring what do you say? LOL!! Have a great day.Take Care God Bless xx

Lucy said...

I heard it was really cold there. It was warm here but is turning cold for a few days and possible snow tonight. I dread going to my appointment but I will go.

john wingo said...

I tried to comment last night but blogger was on the fritz again. I feel the same way about our harbor as you do about the neighborhood...change is coming but it's not all good. Hope you don't get any busted pipes...expensive and no fun.

Anonymous said...

But, you know, in general, you do seem to be able to adapt & deal pretty well with most things. That is not true of many people.