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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Labor Today, Feast Tomorrow

This poem is dedicated to TexWisGirl and her squirrels. Her squirrels are country squirrels and mine in San Antonio were city squirrels but her blog reminds me of the squirrels that used to call my home their home.

The squirrels are so busy this time of the year, they forget that of cars they should have fear.

Up and down the trees they run and tease the dog just for fun.

They cross the street and then run back, too bad they couldn't just carry a sack.

They plan ahead for when the food is all gone, their instinct for storing is very well known.

They can hop from tree to tree and not fall down, run a long wires making a barking sound.

I don't begrudge them the pecans they eat, for the show they put on for me is really neat.

Please don't get in my attic or knock out the lights, for as the owner of this place I still have some rights.

Pauline Lieck


salemslot9 said...

our big tree
produces alot of
acorns for our squirrels
they used to
come up to
the door and
take peanuts from
our hands
the kittens keep
them away from
the door, now
but, that's alright

TexWisGirl said...

i am laughing out loud!!! ha ha! thanks for the LAUGH!!!

jack69 said...

YEP, for those have experienced the Squirrel in the elec problem, we know what you are asayin!

Always love your poems.

john wingo said...

Another good one, Paula...we have a big oak tree in the front yard and a big pecan tree right down the driveway so we have plenty of squirrels...not the country kind, or the city kind, these are the well fed, small town kind and they're fun to watch.

Jill said...

That's darling!


LOVED the last line of this. Had a problem with the little critters in our attic. But years ago when I wasn't mad at them, my grandpa and I fed them nuts, right out of our hands. Thanks for sparking the memory. Take care.

Dar said...

Not to change the antics of a squirrel, but they sure are busy this time of year with, ' the chase' for mates. Mom's yard was a laugh this weekend.
Lovin' that TexWisGirl is LAUGHIN'

Kath said...

LOL!!! Paula I remember being told not to put anything out in the garden at my sons,as it attracts them,the first time I visited Dallas.He told me what a menace they are,and how mucg damage they do.Love the poem.Clever lady you are.Have a great Monday.Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

Lucy said...

Love the poem. Squirell's drive drive Spunky nuts. Joe to since they chew tree branches off. I should say twigs. They just cover the yard.

DD said...

Paula, You are so talented! Good poem.
My Dad enjoyed two city squirrels that lived in a big tree in his back yard, lived there for years. One had a short tail, for some reason.