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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Memory From The Past

A memory from my past popped up just now when I read Jack's entry over at Shipslog. When I was growing up there wasn't much entertainment in our small country town. Come Saturday night we were in high cotton though. A man and his son who owned a movie theater on the south side of San Antonio turned our high school auditorium into a movie theater. They would show one movie, usually a western, one continued serial such as Flash Gordon, and one cartoon. They even brought a commercial pop corn popper and something with soda (which we called soda water and it was a nickle) in it for sale. They would have an intermission and the older man nicknamed Pop Ellis would shout poppity poppity pop corn over and over. Boy! Did we look forward to Saturday night.


TexWisGirl said...

how cute! :)

salemslot9 said...

when he was a boy
my Dad said
he used to walk
down the middle
of the street
on the way home
after watching a monster movie
my Mom loved musicals
she would make her candy last
her brother & sister
would try to take hers, too
poppity poppity popcorn! = lol

Jill said...

What a fun time those Sat. nights much have been!


That is a very nice memory. I LOVE poppity poppity pop corn. How lucky you were to have such a fun packed Saturday night. Nothing like that where I was from. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

Kath said...

Ours was Saturday mornings Paula here over the Pond.Same Flash Gordon etc.I loved to go.Only we got a penny and we used to buy a penny loaf.(hovis ) and chew on that throughout the movie haaaaaaaaaaa.x Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

jack69 said...

I love that. There have been some folks that have added so much to other people's lives, that will never be forgotten. This kind of story is what prompted the entry a few days ago about nice folk.
Thanks for the entry, I love a good story!
Sherry & Jack...across the Gulf in Florida!

john wingo said...

Great memory, Paula. My little town had a theater but it was only open on the weekends...I don't know how they stayed in business.

Anonymous said...

I love that memory.

I have a few Sinbad/Dad memories of movies of my youth. I'm not sure I was even really scared...I just liked Dad to rescue me.

Indigo said...

*Smiles* Beautiful memory. (Hugs)Indigo

Woody said...

I remember our Old Movie theater on the second floor of the old town hall, first movie I ever saw was in Black and white and it was about some robot monster, I think it was james arness. I do remember it cost $ .10 cents to go and a nickle for popcorn.

Missy said...

That does sound like fun

DD said...

I love those kinds of good memories and it seems like such a short time ago.

marti said...

you are so much fun!