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Monday, January 23, 2012

Lonely Little Flower

This is one lonely little flower blooming in the yard where the water tank for the farm house is located. You see how messy with grass it is but it is impossible to use a lawn mower in there because there are pipes and valves to transfer the water to the stock tank or to a trough in the pens. When we lived at the ranch it was my responsibility to fill the house tank. I even bought one of those weed slingers thinking I could neaten it up some. I guess I'm not strong enough because that didn't work either so the little yard stays messy. You can barely see the water tank at the top right of the picture. I had a cement block there and while I was waiting for the tank to fill I would spend the time reading. There is a hole near the top so when the water starts coming out there I would know to flip the switch and turn the water off. Just one of the little ranch responsibilities.


TexWisGirl said...

aww! love that one flower holding out (or maybe rushing things?) :)

jack69 said...

One flower can bring sunshine and a smile. That makes a good existence.
I remember a county water tank when I was very little. When it filled up it had an over flow hole. When it was left to run Kids accumulated under it in the summer to cool off.

Enjoyed the post.
Love from Florida 82 already here.

Nezzy said...

What a wonderfully sunny flower to brighten your day sweetie!!!

We're all cold and brown here, I'd love to a sunflower!!!

God bless your week sweetie!!! :o)

Jill said...

And what a perfectly beautiful little flower it is!

Kay said...

I like it.

DD said...

I love the picture. Maybe one little sunflower gets more attention. This one got photographed.

Beautiful landscape.

Jean said...

I love your sunflower. Pretty picture.I wasn't sure what a stock tank was I would have thought it would be a big tank, but you've mention a boat in it?? I've never lived on a ranch, lol. Take care,Jean.

Anonymous said...

The one ~I will not go quietly~flower. I admire her.


That lonely flower stands alone in contrast to the world around it. It is BEAUTIFUL.

Lucy said...

Your flower looks so cheerful. Sorry I did not get back to you. Cooked Spunkys food, Joe was getting his check up and came out really good. I just collapsed in my recliner.

Dar said...

No such thing as a messy space that contains a flower. Love it.
Also love to see you have weather in the 70's~~~I'm dreaming of that day sometime in June.
Have a good week with time for coffee while it's still hot.