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This Way To My Blog

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Crazy Schedule

Jon's home made soup looked so good on his blog I got up at four thirty this morning and put a pot on to cook in the crock pot. Today was John's day off from burning pear and the soup was done at ten thirty so we had an early lunch. I washed the dishes. Not because I am so perfect but because all our bowls were dirty. Then off we went to look for a country cemetary on a country road. The sun is shining, a beautiful day. We went to two cemetaries and then found a road we hadn't explored yet. Nothing unusual but some old falling down houses and barns. John always has to tell me the story about when his Mother was buried and one of his bossy sisters insisted she knew a short cut to the country cemetary. She convinced the hearse driver to follow her and half of the funeral possesson followed suit. Sister got stuck in deep sand on the short cut road so the rest turned around and went back the normal way on good road. Anyway that road is passable now and we did drive down it. One of the cemetaries already has a few Sweet Williams blooming here and there and the Blue Bonnet plants are popping through the ground. On home and to the soup pot. we ate supper at 2:30. What a crazy schedule we have.


jack69 said...

Sometime I love a crazy schedule. Sounds like a good day. I don't blame John, I'b probably tell that story over and over. You get a good one, us boys use it!!
Sherry is fixing Chili from leftovers.
Noticing your weather, we usually run about the same as you.

Sherry & jack sending Love your way!@!!

TexWisGirl said...

the funeral procession story is priceless! :)

i have days like this. i eat 'brunch' and 'lunner' and call it quits! :)

Kath said...

I enjoy what we call the kind of mixed up day Paula.It makes a change from the norm.Funny Ha-Ha about going down the beaten track LOL!!Nothing like a good bowl of home made soup yummy.Sorry you were almost out of dishes haaaaaaaa .Take Care God Bless Kath xxx

DD said...

Paula, sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I love exploring old roads and country cemeteries, especially if I have ancestors buried there. :)
Have a good Sunday.
Do I see 80 degrees in your forecast? Love that weather and the blue bonnets. I have never seen them in bloom, other than in pictures.

Jean said...

It has been warm here in south Alabama more like summer then winter. Your soup sound so yummy now I need to cook up some. Glad you had a nice day out. Take care. Jean

Jill said...

Such a funny story!
I just love days when I don't have to follow any rules. :)