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Friday, January 20, 2012

So much For Sipping Coffee In Your Housecoat

If you have cattle don't ever have the idea you are going to relax with a cup of coffee one morning. That is the very morning the phone will ring and it will be John saying bring the compressor out, I have a very low tire. Did I think things would be different when the morning before he drove those tires over cactus and mesquite? He neglected to tell me all I had to do was hook the thing up to electricity to put air in it , I never did have a mechanical brain in me. I'm more the scrub the toilet and cook stove type. Guess that is why all his relatives like to stay here when they come to town. Anyway all's well that ends well. I was able to feed the turtles, the seven that braved the rippling water from the light breeze that was blowing . Their shells have a brown look now more then the green tinge they used to have. A whole flock of wild ducks have taken up residence in the stock tank. I don't know where they have been or where they are going but I am enjoying them while they are here. John's son had moved his cattle from this county to another county and one cow is not bred so he left it to visit John's bull. He told us it is a loner and boy is she. We wanted to check to see if she was still on the place. We finally found her on the east property all alone and when she saw us she ran away. At least I got a glimplse of her and know what to look for. A dark red cow with no horns. He had told us she was like "The Looker" but she is much more skittish. The looker comes up with the herd all time now but she still stares at us. I'm glad I don't believe in witch craft or I would think she is trying to put a hex on us.


Jill said...

You never have a dull moment. I do hope you can sneak some coffee time in soon!

jack69 said...

Always a pleasure to come by for coffee, if you have time. hahahaha
Sounds like a busy day, but fun anyway. Love the picture.

Now I guess John knows why the loner ain't bred yet. She is still wanting her freedom, no kids to watch after. hahaha.

Take care!!!

TexWisGirl said...

awww. what a lonely life that cow must have!

Jon said...

Wow, I thought I was the only one who is the "scrub the toilet" type!

Cher' Shots said...

I had to laugh when I read how you aren't the 'mechanical type.' Its a standing joke in our house how I just plain shouldn't touch things that are mechanical or electrical! I too do well staying in the kitchen!
'hugs from afar'

john wingo said...

Well, I'm glad you got to visit the turtles anyway...I bet they miss you!

DD said...

Paula, I am the relaxer, stay at home type for the most part, but I do envy your "get out and go to the ranch" type girl. I love reading your ranch experiences.

Kath said...

Guess you'll get that well earned coffee one day Paula.Good to read the turtles are OK!!! Poor loner.Call me loner too, living alone all week.Got to be the Jack of all Trades and Master of none.Nothings blown up yet thank goodness Haaaaaaaa.Have a great Friday you are too funny.LOL!!Take Care God Bless xx Kath xx

FrankandMary said...

Coffee or not, you are a jump-right-in-cowgirl. You find your adventures. ~Mary

Donna said...

I always worry about a cow that won't hang with the rest. It isn't normal. Bonnie and Babe are the best of friends now.

Woody said...

Sounds like you never have a "Dull Moment" !!


So much for coffee, indeed. seems something always inferes when you've just sitten down, cup in hand. Glad the turtles are okay. I LOVE watching ducks and geese. Bet you're getting an eyeful of the loner. Hope she makes a friend soon. No HEXES allowed. Take care.

shirl72 said...

Love reading your blog since I
have always lived in the City.
I think it would be fun living
on a ranch but the only thing I
could do is yard work. Of course
living in the City is always
exciting. Something going on
all the time. Good and Bad.

So glad to hear about the turtles.


Lucy said...

Paula thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog. The hardest part is the wait for the 31st, to roll around. We get lost in a town we have both lived in for years. The receptionest said come in Wedgewood. I said "I know where that is." It disappeared with all the construction. So we may go looking for it this weekend.

salemslot9 said...

our Tootsie hisses
at everyone since
she raised her kittens
I don't think
she wants anymore
we call her