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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summer At The Ranch

It really did feel like summer driving around the back forty checking the fences. We found three broken wires in different places. The owner's son is putting out corn trying to catch the wild hogs so they come through the fence several times a day from the neighboring property that is brushy. Of course the fence wire is old so it breaks easy. The deer break the top wire and the hogs the bottom wire at times, not every day. As we were going down the lane we saw a buzzard near the fence and thought it was eating something so we backed up. It actually seemed to have a broken wing. We stopped at the stock tank and I called the turtles up to feed them some bread. I saw one that looked so differnt from the rest. It didn't have the red stripe on the side of it's face. It wasn't the greenish color, it was more like tan and had a lighter stip os shell that looked like tile down it's back. My old friend was there. It has a deformed shell, kind of peeled back on one corner. John went to Kenedy, Texas yesterday to look at bulls. His son bought two and John was going to buy one and backed out. It is young and not being raised here with all the green clover he is afraid it would overeat and bloat and maybe die. He already lost The Looker and she was worth a lot of money right now.


TexWisGirl said...

yeah, the green grass can get dangerous right now... fixing fence is an on-going issue - always!

shirl72 said...

So glad to hear about the turtles
I was worried not knowing if they
were still there.


jack69 said...

Amazed to hear how many fence breaks there are. Also amazed that the hogs don't just dig under they can move some dirt with that snout!
Enjoued the entry as always.

Jon said...

It was 80 degrees in West TX today and did indeed feel like summer.
I haven't seen any buzzards here in a long time. There were always lots of turkey buzzards in my yard when I lived in San Angelo.

Jill said...

Happy to hear your old pal is still there. Wonder what the new one is?

Lucy said...

Paula , we are getting warmer but not that warm. It still makes me a little homesick for farm life but I know that is a quickly passing longing.

Dar said...

I'm very much longing for some nice green grass and I even promise not to eat any....just let it tickle my toes and smell it while it's being mowed.
Don't care for the ugly buzzards tho I know they clean up the leftovers.
Those sorry pigs do make a mess of things, but they sure are lip-smackin' good on the grill.
I was trying to find your turtle in my reptile big is he?
BlessYourHeartPaula and ThanksForStoppingBy

Lisa said...

I'm delighted to hear your turtles are still doing well and you are still taking good care of them. Every time I see San Antonio on the Weather Channel I think of you. So out of sight doesn't mean out of mind :)
Take care sweet lady.