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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Would You Like A Cemetary In Your Fron Yard?

I have mixed emotions about it. It could be a little eerie if you heard noises in the middle of the night. On the other hand if it was a family cemetary it could be nice to go out and sit and visit and talk. Yes I know the person is not really there. Their soul is where ever it is going but still you feel as if they are there. I know I do when I go to Mel's grave. The reason I am asking this crazy question is this---. Sunday was a pretty day so we threw caution to the wind as far as gas prices and went for a country road ride. We actually found two roads we had not explored  before. We found the usual old barns, houses, windmills, and cattle. One house we passed had a cemetary in it's front yard. It was on my side so I called it to John's attention. He said it must be a pet cemetary. No it isn't that is people tombstones. I know a person who had a ranch and lived on it and his married girls has homes on it too. He had gone through the process of getting permission to have a cemetary there on his ranch under a big oak tree. Now his wife and daughters can go out and have coffee with him under that old tree. I think it's kind of nice.


BlueRidge Boomer said...

If you look very close at my picture from the front'll find a small family cementary in the bottom left hand corner....we've been told we can have spaces there if we want'a..!!

Not even our family...!!

Jill said...

Some family plots, yes. I don't think I'd like the unknown though.

Lucy said...

I would have mixed feelings out there. When I was in 6th grade we were walking to school and saw these clump of trees and some rocks so we investigated. There was no house but there were 4 graves with Rocks with their names carved out or chizzled out with dates. I wonder often what happened to those graves when they built an air base that would have been in.

DD said...

Paula, I am searching my mind. I don't believe I would want a cemetery in my yard. Not even a family one. Although, it would not spook me in any way. Take care.

Helen said...

I really don't think I want one in my yard. If it was family I might find myself out there to much. Helen

Jimmy's Journal said...

It wouldn't bother me to have a family cemetery on the property although I'd feel a bit better if it were in the back yard.

I talk to my Mom and Dad (and myself) all the time so it would be nice to have a place to focus. I buried all of my animals on my property.


jack69 said...

Funny in one of our houses we backed uptot he graveyard. We bought plots just over the fence. We joked about b eing close to home, but then like many houses and places we lived, we moved again leaving it behind.

Of course I have went to graveyards and talked to the deceased. The most visited was Sherry's sweet mama, Susie Harris, what a lady. We have had many conversations. 'twould have been nice to have coffee too!
Good post !!!

TexWisGirl said...

i agree with you - a family plot would be rather peaceful. a public cemetery would be a bit unsettling, i think.

Jon said...

I wouldn't appreciate a cemetery in my front yard, although one in my back yard wouldn't bother me much.
I'd sure as heck would rather have a cemetery than some of my rotten neighbors.....

jack69 said...

Talking about spooky, I would have sworn I left a comment here!!!

We had our plots just a across the fence from our back yard in one house we had. We joked about being home.
For all the talks I had with Susie Harris, Sherry's sweet mom, I wish I had had coffee!! good idea. But it is nice to visit and chat with someone you love.
Thanks for a good entry as usual.

Nezzy said...

It wouldn't bother me to have a cemetery on the property or even where I could see it from a window but I love my flower gardens far too much to have my yard filled with tombstones. 'Just sayin'........

God bless and have yourself a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

Jean said...

It would have bother me when I was young but I don't think it would now I would want it in the back yard not the front. My oldest sister's husband passed away in 2001 when she wanted to go to the grave yard to see him her daughter told her Mother dad is not there, she told her daughter that was where she left him. Now they are both side by side. She passed away in 2005. Take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

I think it would be better to be in the back yard. People are
always getting upset with the
way the graves are kept that
way you could always keep it
looking nice with fresh flowers.

You would be able maitain it.
Maybe not a bad idea.


Lucy said...

I just wondered if I could comment. Had problems with it.


My parents house was built on the property adjacent to an old cemetery. We even had some of the old tombstones around. NEVER had a problem with it growing up. Always thought it was neat.

Fernan said...

Off Topic
Hi Paula:
Didn't stop by 2 talk trips although if we were 15yrs younger I'd have liked us to take that transcontinental train trip coast 2 coast and back. But alas both of us hosting so many part-timers problems it isn't to be.
Reality setting in I really come by to say hello. Been busy up here enough it's sickened me enough to lay a day off. Shop projects have and been 2 trucks 2 tractors, i oil-house, and scrounging hay to get us through Spring. This my only rest day in weeks'n'months thought I'd look in and say hello.
1655 ehh.
For all practical purposes I've quit FB and returned to my in house writing my short stories. When I’ve enough for another book, I’ll see?
Meanwhile I haven't forgotten you & John. Just been to cussed tiring around here to keep up with everything.
Oh, and thanks for looking in. I know I've been a bit of a boar. 1 of the tragedy's of olden aging.

Dar said...

I think it would be a right peaceful idea to have a family cemetary. The cemetary here we cannot even grow any flowers and plants left are discarded. I think that's downright disrespectful to the living who want to visit in their own way. I know family who was cremated and then placed on the land, only to have the land sold and never again could the family visit their loved one. Sad.