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Monday, February 27, 2012

Still On A 50's Kick

Another senior class trip our Superintendent took us on was to a real hotel for an all night stay. Not just any hotel but the fancy Driscoll hotel in Austin, Texas. You have to remember we were small town kids and most of us hadn't even seen a hotel from the outside let alone the inside. I guess Mr. James was trying to expose us to a little of the real world before we were turned out into it. He was born and raised in our area from a farming family and maybe he remembered how it was to go away to college and become a teacher and then superintendent. Mr. James had lost an arm in a farming machine when he was young but he didn't let that stop him. He drove the school bus on our trips and to football games in other towns. He could drive better with one arm then some can  with two, Besides the hotel we went to Buckhanan Dam and to a cave I think was called Cave Without A Name.


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like a really cool teacher.

(and we did not even get mist here today - hardly a cloud in the sky).

Dar said...

I remember the first time I stayed in a really big motel, the Convention Center of Orlando. I was in my 30's and thrilled to death for the adventure.
What a sheltered life way up north in the sticks., but a good life. I'd still take this over big city life any day.
Your superintendent had the right idea tho. Good exposure.

Jean said...

Great entry Paula like Dar I was in my 30's and the first motel I remember staying in was when we took a trip on vacation to the Smoky Mountain in Tennessee. Take care. Jean

~mel said...

I admire that kind of teacher. I remember when we were kids and our church would have kids from the inner city of Milwaukee/Chicago area come and visit the farm. Something they had never been exposed to.

Jill said...

Mr. James was obviously a wonderful man and teacher!

Lucy said...

You all went on a lot of trips. We had none of that. All business. Oh well, probably for the best. I was so shy, yes Jack, I was shy at one time, I probably would have found a reason not to go. Yep, our bohemians seem to be very much alike.

jack69 said...

Ahhh, I missed this one too! Loved the entry. Don't you just love to see someone with an obvious handicap go on to accomplish what others will or can not.
Memories, they make up most of my life now. And I love to read other folks memolries.
Ans LUCY was NEVER SHY! she is joking!!!

Love you lady
Sherry & jack