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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Busy Skirt

Humm that doesn't sound so nice. does it? I'm refering to the print. Take my word for it I didn't set out to buy this skirt and would have never bought a skirt with this large print except that I had to change cothes and there wasn't that much to choose from in Mexico. What was I doing in Mexico? In the 50's it was the tradition of the Supertendent of our small town school to take the senior class to Mexico every year to the bull fights. We were only there for the day and so no change of clothes was on hand. I found myself in the position to need to change my skirt. Long story I won't get into now. I put the skirt on one more time at home and took this picture. Sent it to Mel in Japan and he kept it.


TexWisGirl said...

i think that is lovely!

Jean said...

You look beautiful Paula can't blame Mel for keeping it. I can remember having skirts with a big flare.Lol. Take care. Jean

DD said...

It is no wonder to me why Mel kept the picture. Very pretty girl in that skirt! I am sure the picture tells a good story.
I had a favorite full circle skirt in high school. It was black taffata with a high Those were good days.
Take care, Paula.

jack69 said...

Oh ho, me'n Mel know why he kept that picture, It was his GIRL! The skirt is nice but would not matter to a troop in japan!!!
Somebody has been playing with the blog!!!!
So the temp is 63 there and 60 here, we stay aobut the same.
Take care, love the entry!!!
Cool girl there!!!

Donna said...

Very interesting! You and Jon had better keep those stories coming my way; must be something in the Texas water.

Wendy said...

I love it!


Love the skirt. Great photo. Wonderful memories, indeed. Take care.

Jill said...

I think it's marvelous! YOu look darling!

Lucy said...

I love the skirt. You look so innocent and young.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Great picture! I love looking at older pic's. You are beautiful.
I call this ranch I live on the North Forty because the land lady has no name for it. lol
It has been too cold to do much but I have been trying to help my brother get rid of four downed oak trees that have fallen out here.
I laughed about your comment you left me about stopping for ice cream in Brenham. You know where I live well then. I lived in town for ever until my hubby left and then I moved out here in the country. I still have the home in town that I would love to sale. If you know of any one wanting to buy a home in Brenham send them my way. lol
I see google has now messed with our comment pages. I don't like this layout. Why don't they leave things alone.
Hope you have a great week