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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Is Trying To Spring At The Ranch

I get so lonesome to go to the back forty. First we couldn't go because of the hunters. Then it was too wet. We need to check those fences I told John so finally this morning there was no excuse not to go. I even took turtle food but it didn't warm up so the turtles were deep in hiding. Can you spot the buzzards on the fence post in the picture? As we went down the lane to the back forty there was a gang of those dirty guys flying around and perching in an oak tree. Then I spotted something under the tree. I told John I think there is a dead cow over there so he stopped and backed up. Sure enough. John said she was trying to have her calf and she got caught under a branch. She kept lurching forward and was more under the branch and couldn't get out. If she had scooted the other direction she would have been out from under the limb. To my dismay it was "The Looker". I'm gonna miss that girl with her infernal watching. When you have a large place and a lot of cattle you will lose one at times. It makes you sad but you either quit or you go on. On a happier note the black brush, the digers, and the buttercups are blooming. Everything is green even though some of the weeds are something the cattle will not eat. The stock tank is full of water for now. At the back forty we found two fences broke so we stopped for John to repair them. Deer are bad about jumping them and breaking them down at the back of the property. There was some fresh hog rooting and the hunters have two traps set for them baited with corn. It was too cold to walk around much but warm/hot days are around the corner.


Wendy said...

I am so sorry Looker passed on. Yes it happens but sure wish it didn't.

Lucy said...

Oh, that is to bad about Looker. It is still cold here even though they say 40 to 45 it doesn't feel like it. I am not sure spring will ever truly be here.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i am sad for the looker! how terrible!!! i know it is a part of life and livestock, but i am still sad for you (and her...)

jack69 said...

Wee too will be sad not hearing a line or tow about the 'Looker'. Glad spring is around the corner.

Good but sad entry with a touch of sweetness.

Jill said...

How terribly sad. I'm sorry about Looker.

Buttercups made me smile Mom's favorite. They are not always around here anymore.

DD said...

Yes, I spied 3 buzzards on the fence and one flying low.

Sorry to hear about The Looker.

I am glad Spring is just around the corner.

Take care :)

Heather said...

Sad to hear about your cow. So happy the warmer temps are just around the corner, I am currently bundled up with the stove on..brrr it's cold!

salemslot9 said...

did The Looker's calf die, too?