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Friday, February 24, 2012

Windy Night

It was so windy here last night after two beautiful days in which I was able to wash my truck and do some yard work. Our neighbor had a very tall antenna on top of his house and it blew over. I'm glad it didn't fall on my house. He just put those big flat things that generate electricity from the sun on top of his house. I hope it didn't damge any of those as he worked hard up there all by himself. I'm sure Daisy appreciated her new house as she could be out of the wind. I had noticed a few days ago she was getting in it. It is small so I don't know if she puts it in reverse and backs in or if she goes in and does a turn around as she is always resting in it with her head sticking out the door. She looks so cute in there but, no I can't take a picture as she gets out and begs for food as soon as she sees me.



The wind is howling and gusting here. So far no damage. Fingers are crossed it stays that way. I'm glad your little stray loves her new home. take care.

shirl72 said...

We are having strong wind at
present. Bad weather all around
but it is warm.

Glad Daisy likes her new home.
I had put some lettuce out for the
rabbits and I just saw the neighbors cat eating the lettuce,
surprise, of course my Dog loved


TexWisGirl said...

yes, the march winds came early to texas!

glad little one is using her home!

Jill said...

Bitter cold north winds here today!

She's one lucky kitty!

Kay said...

It's getting windy here in SoCal today. They say we are going to have our Santa Ana Winds which are warm winds. It is already 82 deg. here a 1:00 pm (and this is February).

Donna said...

We've had the terrible winds for over 24 hours.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

It is so nice to me you! I am looking forward to getting to know you. You have a lovely site and I know I am going to enjoy coming by to visit you often.
I appreciate you so much for joining mine.

jack69 said...

WOW, we too have had some terribly strong winds. We worried about our awnings. but there is no way you can take them in in the wind.

Glad DAisy has adapted to her house. You are such a fish! hahahaha, but she appreciates it.

I missed a chance to have our own turtle yesterday. While walking we spotted a turtle about the size of a quarter. I moved it off the road, hoping to see it when we walked back by, but it was gone. Shucks.
Hope the wind has died we still ahve a bit here.
Good entry!

Lori said...

Glad Daisy is enjoying her little house. We had some high winds here a day or two ago, but no damage. We're having a cold snap, but it's going to warm right back up again.

Lucy said...

We have had high winds but when I look on TV at other spots I think it is worse down south. Spunky lays at the foot of our bed way in the far corner and he is to fat to turn around so he backs out. It looks like a big rig backing out. He is on a strict diet, well sort of strict.