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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Widows and A Divorcee

I was widowed at age 50. Mel and I didn't have friends that we ran with as he worked long hours and I was busy keeping our house and our rent property. When we had a little time we spent it with family, his or mine. After he died it was getting a little on the lonely side so my daughter introduced me to a Widowed Person's Support Group. Most of the members were in their 70's and 80's so they called me the Baby Widow. One of the ladies decided to get up a small group to fly to Las Vegas. She invited her neighbor who along with Margaret was 20 years older then me. Her neighbor Alberta had a daughter who was freshly divorced and needed cheering up. The mother and daughter were to sleep together so Margaret needed a bed partner who didn't snore or kick so she took a chance on me. She wanted four women we could get along and not hog the bathroom. We got our tickets and vowed to always stay together. The first day the fire alarm went off and scared the bejabbers out of us. Especially when they would not permit us to open our door and go into the hall. Wow we're thinking here we are in Sin City and we are going to be punished for sure. Turned out to be a false alarm. The younger one (divorced) wanted to see Phillis (sp) Diller. Humm I'm thinking how are the two older women going to take her foul mouth buttt we vowed to all stay together. It was a wild taxi ride to say the least but we forgot about it laughing so hard. Of course we had to visit Hoover Dam since we let on to everyone that was the main reason we were going of all places but Las Vegas. The bus ride there was uneventful and calm. One night Margaret and I woke up to find Alberta pacing the floor. Her daughter was gone so we volunteered to go look for her. We found her butt clinging to a stool half asleep droping change into a machine on a row that was almost deserted. She thought for sure with so few people there that late she would win some big bucks. She didn't and her mother was sure relieved when we told her, her daughter was okay. We were quite surprised when we found out they would bring us free drinks (coke of course) right to the slot machines. I think the thing we enjoyed the most was flying in at night and looking down at all the colorful lights. Margaret and Alberta are dead now and the daughter remarried a man with five kids so I doubt she is making many trips to Las Vegas but I hope she is happy.


john wingo said...

It's good to have friends! I never cared too much for Vegas; more of an outdoor kind of guy, but it sounds like y'all had an adventurous time.

Kath said...

I loved Vegas Paula,and you are right,if anyone visits they must take a night flight to see those lights as you decend upon the place.The HHoover Dam is a wonderful place too I have pics in my blog where I flew over in the helicopter.I hate heights but I was pressed by Son to do this.LoL at your story it is so funny.I carn't see the Daughter doing many trips thier either now.I wonder if she ever looks back on your trip LOL!! Have a great Thursday Paula.Take Care God Bless xx Kath xx


Sounds like a trip to remember filled with laughter and fun. Glad you got to go. Enjoyed the story. Take care.

Jill said...

It must have been so hard to be a widow so young. I'm glad you had friends to connect with. It sounds like it was a great trip!!

Donna said...

Sounds like great fun! You were indeed a young widow.

TexWisGirl said...

sounds like quite the crew. :)

jack69 said...

Dadgummit, now I want to go back to Las Vegas. We actually have a legit reason (other than the dam) to go back. An Aunt and Cousin live there. HA.
I meant to tell you, yesterday, like the new pic of you.

You can spin a tale and this one wasn't even on a country road. LOL

You and John gotta go to Vegas, (TO SEE THE DAM of course). They now have a super high bridge that goes High over the river just past the Dam.

shirl72 said...

I also enjoyed my visit to Vegas.
We had not entered our room and
I said let me put some money in
the slot machine. Lucky me it
broke and started spilling quarters out and they said for
me to fill my purse and I could
keep it. I don't remember how much I had in my Purse but it was

Paula I have also enjoyed blogging
with you. Your blogs are so
interesting. Jack and Sherry feel
the same way I do.. Glad we are
blogging friends.