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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Wanting To See An Albino Rattlesnake Next

See how this rattlesnake we killed last year blends in with the dead grass? The albino doesn't live as long a  life as it's white color stands out. I haven't seen one yet, but watched an interesting show about rattlesnake hunters. They really like to find an albino as it brings them more money.Speaking of albino--yes Jack the little girl with the albino hair is me and the little girl with the ball on a country road is my first neice. Dar I won't pet the wild animals I just wished I could pet that Capabara. It was so cute and seemed tame. The people who own them probably pet them. They have a pretty house that sits back behind the pretty pond with a porch facing the pond and the Capabaras. Grandma Yellow Hair I live south of San Antonio and the ranch is west of where we live. I have been on that highway between Houston and Austin several times with my daughters. Gotta get off here and go see my friend in Rehab.


Jon said...

I've seen lots of rattlesnakes but never an albino. They must be extremely rare.

DD said...

I am sure you will see your albino. I have not seen many snakes with the exception of road kill and a few on exibition. However, I have not yet done all I want to
I am still thinking about those sweet little capys!

jack69 said...

I would like to see an albino Rattler, but only if I saw it first!!!!! My hearing is so that no longer can I hear the rattlers, Sherry tells me when one is near!!!

Hey, tell these folks you are a Cow Girl, shucks you can even pet a rattler I bet! LOL Much less one of 'em walking cabbages!

Love you lady be careful, we want more tales from Paula!!!!

Jill said...

I'm sorry...but I don't like snakes. ANY snakes! But I do adore the picture of you!

Rita Mosquita said...

My grandparents had a ranch in what is known as West River, South Dakota. That is anything west of the Missouri River in South Dakota.

They had plenty of rattlesnakes and other snakes as well. My grandfather almost died from a rattlesnake bite.

After visiting them on the ranch, I would have nightmares about rattlesnakes.

No thank you, no snakes for me.

Kay said...

I do not want to see ANY kind of snake. I HATE snakes, even the non-poisonous ones.


Snakes always BOTHER me. They're just creepy. BUT I hope you get to see the one you long to. You have to be really observant not to miss it hiding in the brush.

Lucy said...

WE DON'T GET MANY RATTLESNAKES in our part of Ne. and that is fine with me. They can live with you. I was a real blonde when I was little . Now I am totally white haired. Going to get it trimmed today.

john wingo said...

I've heard of albino rattlers but have never seen one. I bet they are a sight to remember.