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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wendy Hit The Capabara On The Head

One smart lady Wendy. When I had a name to research the picture and the personality of the animal matched to a tee. The picture was copied from the internet although I did take some pictures of my own but as you know I'm not a photographer so I used the little one-time camera so I have to wait to finish the camera and have them developed. This picture looks just like the animal we saw and the artical I read said they are a sociable animal being the reason they didn't run away I guess. They are native to south America


Helen said...

You and John need to be extra careful, no telling what kind of animal you two will run across next.Helen

Wendy said...

Cool. Something you don't normally see in Texas. I still remember the giraffe's I saw at a ranch in the Hill Country, makes you do a double take.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, cool! thanks, wendy!

jack69 said...

I have heard the Wealthy Texans are collectors. I guess even of the animal variety.
Of course I have no problem with that, we all do what we can to fill our lives..
Some help others by traveling the roads less traveled and reporting the sights on 'Paulines Country Tales', thanks for so many nice 'LIFTS' in life.

Love from Florida!!!

DD said...

Paula, Jack said it just right!
You find so much out there.

You guys need a TV Show and name it "John and Paula - The things We Discover on Texas Back Roads".

I googled this cute little fellow and found them to be very loyal to his master and many people have them indoors for pets. Some are potty or house trained. These little guys are all over You Tube.
Take care and don't get lost.

Jill said...

That's so cute!

john wingo said...

Pretty cute critter in a strange kind of way. This is a first for me...never heard of one but maybe I'll get the chance one of these days.