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Monday, March 5, 2012

Off To See The Baby Calves

I stand corrected--John vaccinated fifteen calves yesterday, not twenty. He found two babies I hadn't seen so he took me to the ranch to see them this morning. It was so funny when we went to the east property looking for them all the dry cows were segregated from the cows with babies. Maybe the dry cows thought it may be catching. The dry cows were in a field al by them selves lounging around chewing their cuds. The Mama cows were busy grazing in another area with their calves close by. I tried to talk to a new born calf and it's mama didn't like me one bit. She was doing that low mooing thing they do to tell their baby there is danger to come on with her and it did just that. The part Jersey cow's calf was on the ground so I snuck up to it and the mama didn't say a word or a moo. The calf didn't get up and I petted it several times. Wow that was exciting they don't usually let me do that. The Mama fusses and the calf runs off. On the way to the back forty in the Banker's property I spotted three exotic deer hiding behind a tree. Their horns were so tall they couldn't hid all of them. John backed up so we could get a better look. When they were convinced we didn't bring food for them they ran off. It is amazing what a little rain water will do. Everything is looking good. Only six turtles came up to eat. It was kind of windy and they don't seem to like the wind. Either they can't hear me calling or its hard for them to swim against the water rippling from the wind. The new turtle on the block was one of the six. I hope as it gets warmer I will be able to get it to come out of the water to eat.


Jill said...

It must have been so wonderful to pet that new calf! The deer must have been a beautiful site to were the turtles, I'm sure!

TexWisGirl said...

glad the cows and calves are doing well - even after vaccination trauma day yesterday. :)

Donna said...

What??? I came here to see pictures of calves! Where was your camera?

DD said...

I like that you got to see and pet the new calves. Funny how the cows were
I bet those deer were pretty.

jack69 said...

Y'all practicing segregation down there in Texas. mama's from the NON mama's.
I think it would be great to pet a calf. We who read learn a lot from your contrytales. Did not know about the warning moo of the mama.
always a treat to stop by Texas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I just bet you can get him/her out of the water to eat. You are probably famous in their community

shirl72 said...

Your morning out with mother nature
with baby calves, turtles and mama's taking care of their babies.
Sounds so peaceful. I could have
sent presents it I had known you
had new ones. We could have had
baby showers. LOL Glad everything
is going well.


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What a wonderful day you had visiting the back forty.
I love that the momma cow let you pet the baby. I know they usually don't do that.
How neat that you saw some deer too.
A great way to spend the day.
Thanks honey for the sweet comment. I got bad news yesterday about my son the father of my grand babies. He was diagnosed with Iga-nephropathy which I never heard of and wish I still had not heard of it. His kidneys are in trouble and I am so worried but I am asking for prayers for Clint. This world of blogging is incredible. I normally would just ask on a post but knowing my son he would not want me to mention it on my site so I am asking this way.
Sorry for such a long comment.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for being my friend

Lucy said...

Their is nothing softer than a baby calf's fur. Surprised the mama let you get that close.

john wingo said...

You must have a calming way with the critters, Paula! I'm surprised that it was a jersey that let you pet her calf, though, they're usually pretty ornery about that...and most everything else!