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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vaccination Day

We skipped church today because the calves need to be vaccinated. John has about twenty and they don't exactly stand still fo get their shots. His son is off work today so is coming to help his Dad get the job done. When there as only two or three they can open the gate back in the pens toward the fence and make a little pie shaped area where the calf can't get away. One peron will hold the calf up against the fence and the other will wield the syringe. With this many they will load them from the loading chute into his son's trailer and haul them to John's daughter's place where there is a head gate. They will put them in there one at a time and the head gate keeps them from getting away until they have had their shot. Then they will load them all back up for their ride back home and they are ready to go to kindergarten. Just kidding. Isn't the Mama lucky she didn't have to make an appointment at the doctor's office, she didn't have to pay a penny, and she didn't have to deal with a crying, screaming kid?


TexWisGirl said...

ha ha! probably true, but i bet the momma cows are bellering just the same...

Lucy said...

That is true, I think. I would not want to be the one using the syringe.

jack69 said...

hahahahahaha The first thing I thought of was, Paula and John are sending the calves to school!

It sounds like a real job, I would think you could just shoot them on the run. hahahaha

Hope it all worked out for y'all and the calves. I know it did you guys are old hands at handling cattle, like the guys up north handle that snow and cold weather, somehow I think I'd rather learn to give Calves their shots. hahahaha

Jill said...

What a huge job. Hope it all went well!

DD said...

I guess that is simply all in a days work for the cowboy. I am sure all of you were glad to get it done. Hope you have a good night.

shirl72 said...

Did they get a treat for getting
their shots. When I went for
shots for first grade I got a
set of cards with beautiful birds
on them.

Paula I really learn a lots how
you and John take care of cattle.
I sounds like a big job.


john wingo said...

Hope it all went well,Paula. Seems like there's always something that has to be done when you have livestock.