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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curious Calves

This is a few of the new babies born this year. Its impossible to get them all in a picture together. They are so much like little human kids. Running, playing, and jumping. Having fun without a care in the world. Their only worry is getting seperated from their Mom and her milk and I don't think they worry about it until it happens. The Mamas keep fairly close tabs on them. Yesterday the mesquitoes ate us up. Everytime one of us got out of the truck for something before we could get back in and close the door several would fly in. They really make us itch and miserable. We've got to remember to take some "Off" next time.


TexWisGirl said...

we've had a few skeeters, but more biting flies here. ugh!

jack69 said...

I love that shot, they are cute. All babies are cute human and animal. You describe them wonderfully.
Mosquitoes are bad here in the Low country also.

On the road tomorrow.

Wendy said...

I love the baby calves and hate the skeeters...Fred's been fighting skeeters at the different well locations he's been at too!! They aren't bad here at the house but I check to make sure nothing is holding water and that there are goldfish in the tanks.

Chatty Crone said...

I bet the bugs will be in droves this year here in GA - we didn't have any winter to kill them off. sandie

Donna said...

Funny how the babies always seem to hang together, isn't it?

Martha said...

Awww, love seeing the babies! Did I tell you that we have a big field with lots of cows that backs up to our backyard at the new house? I am working on naming all of them :)

~mel said...

I just love little baby calves and watching them run and play without a care in the world. Too cold here yet for the skeeters; but it won't be long and they'll be driving us crazy too.

Sheila Y said...

I haven't noticed any skeeters yet but have had a couple of flies get in the house and car. Cute calves! Take care, Sheila

Dar said...

First, I love your header photo...are those Indian Paint Brushes already?
It's gorgeous.
As for the skeeters and the flies, beetles, they are all predicted to be worse than ever in our north due to such a mild winter...however, it's freezing sub-zero temps tonight so maybe there is hope yet of killing the last of the buggers off.
Now, those cute calves...ya gotta loveum like any youngin' but they do grow up to be cranky old adults sometimes...speaking from experience here.

Jill said...

They are so cute!

I'm hoping out recent freeze with reduce our skeeters. I's probably just wishful thinking...

shirl72 said...

Love to read about your animals.
I have a back yard full of squirrels and birds. I do feed
them. I love baby pigs that is
my favorite. Maybe I will get
one and walk it on a leash.
Help me find one and we will fly it
to NC or maybe Jack can come by
and pick it up. It would love to
ride in Jack's Motor Home. You can help me with a name. LOL I wish.


DD said...

The baby calves are so sweet. I love baby anything! Lol.